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Sue Brown print

Bluecoat Display Centre: All That Glitters

Saturday 21 November 2015 - Saturday 16 January 2016. This exhibition’s theme revolves around the work of printmaker Sue Brown and wood artist Mikael Nilsson both of which feature crows and black birds.
Beth Lewis-Williams

Bluecoat Display Centre: Brilliance

Saturday 23 January - Saturday 5 March 2016. This exhibition, co-curated by Claire Norcross, features leading contemporary lighting designers working in a range of media to include ceramic, concrete & leather, woven wicker, paper and glass.

Bluecoat Display Centre: Manifest Touring Jewellery Exhibition

Saturday 12 March - Saturday 16 April 2016. Manifest is a touring exhibition of jewellery by the Designer Jewellers Group to celebrate its fortieth anniversary with a selling exhibition of jewellery encompassing bangles, rings, bracelets, hand pieces and cufflinks, loosely themed around the ruby

Bluecoat Display Centre: Eastern Aesthetics exhibition

Saturday 23 April - Saturday 28 May 2016. This exhibition will feature designer makers whose works have been inspired by Japan, its imagery, craft techniques and culture. The exhibition will examine how a sense of place can influence us as individuals and how this is reflected in artworks we create.
L for Leather

Bluecoat Display Centre: L for Leather

Saturday 4 June 2016 - Saturday 2 July 2016. Featuring leading contemporary designers/makers working primarily in leather.

Bluecoat Display Centre: Collect(ed)

14 May - 25 June 2011 at the Bluecoat Display Centre - 'Collect(ed)' The Bluecoat Display Centre’s stand concept for the 2011 COLLECT at the...

The Bluecoat Display Centre: Liverpool Corked

26 January- 2 March 2013 Private View: Friday 25th January - 5.30pm to 7.30pm This exhibition will feature 3 contemporary ceramic artists at differing career stages...