Podcast for the Week 11 Feb

11/02/09 -  This week news of the Superlambanana, Turning the Place Over, Arbores Laetae and Rockscape and Glenn Brown comes to TATE Liverpool

Podcast for the Week 13 May

13/05/09 -  This week we discuss Gymnasiums of the Mind plus Tea and Cakes.

Podcast for the Week 28 April

28/4/10 - In this weeks podcast we talk about Mankey Monkey going forth, a new craze in Art Criticism plus Light Night approaches..

Podcast for the Week Sep 17

17/09/08 - Yours arts MP3, this weeks brings you news from of Art in Liverpool FM, The Liverpool Biennial, The Independents and Tracy Emin's Roman...

Podcast for the Week Dec 02

02/12/08 - The Biennial is over and Ian has a Carousel in his Living room after the Biennial auction, and as we enjoy the...

Podcast for the Week Apr 1

1/4/08 - This weeks show features - ‘Arts Matter: The pool of Life’ by the Singh Twins at the Bluecoat;  7 @ The...

Podcast for the Week 25 March

25/03/09 -  This week it's FREE Festivals, the WE PLAY and Jason Jones at the Cornerstone in front of a Fridge.

Podcast for the Week Mar 4

27/02/08 - INTERVIEW An extended show this week as Bryan Biggs, artistic director of the Bluecoat comes in to talk to us.

Podcast for the Week July 8

8/7/08 - This week we bring you news on Tracey Emin’s Roman Standard, Beatles Day, Arabic Arts Festival and Oceans Apart. Plus Jah...

Podcast for the Week 4 May

04/05/09 -  No chit-chat this week just 2 good interviews. Francesco Mellina tells us about his Sound and Vision photographs and Wayne and Jack...

Podcast for the Week May 14

14/5/08 - This weeks show covers - Fire at the Bluecoat!, Futuresonic, Nexus at Edge Hill, Tate’s Birthday, Dream in St Helens and...

Podcast for the Week 20 May

20/05/09 -  This week it's less Gymnasiums of the Mind but lots of Trainees, Bells and the Degree Shows are upon us.

Podcast for the Week Aug 20

20/08/08 - Your arts MP3 brings you news  of Art in Liverpool FM, La Machine, DaDafest, the Stuart Sutcliffe retrospective and Arbores Laetae. ...

Podcast for the Week July 15

15/7/08 - Your arts MP3 this week brings you The Beat Goes on at the World Museum an interview with the curator, the Arabic...

Podcast for the Week 5 May

5/5/10 - In this weeks podcast, we discuss Light Night, the Writing on the Wall festival and the Mankey Monkey auction...

Podcast for the Week 4 Feb

04/02/09 - This week news from Dot Art, Liverpool Twestival and Colin Serjent @ the Unity Theatre

Podcast for the Week 3 March

03/03/09 -  his week news of the Dot-art auction and futuresonic are ringing bells

Podcast for the Week

15/1/08 - Talking about RESPECTacles and previewing the week ahead

Podcast for the Week 24 November

24/11/09 - Splashy brings us luck and we manage to get a show out.

Podcast for the Week 8 July

08/07/09 -  This week we bring you Penguin Mania, Abandon Normal Devices, Twins and the week ahead.

Podcast for the Week 24 June

24/6/10 Back after a brief sojourn we take a trip to The Liverpool Art prize show at Metal at Edge Hill to record...

Podcast for the Week 23 September

23/09/09 -  Like you, this week we are struggling to get to grips with everything that is going on.

Podcast for the Week Oct 14

14/10/08 - Your arts MP3 brings you news from Liverpool, with 10 Million visitors for the Capital of Culture, the independent biennial, and a...

Podcast for the Week Apr 15

15/4/08 - This week This weeks show features what’s on and what’s coming up in the Liverpool’s arts scene. AND IT’S...

Podcast for the Week Feb 27

27/02/08 - INTERVIEW with Patrick Henry, Director of the Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool talks to us about its history, its activities and its...

Podcast for the Week 17 June

17/06/09 -  This week our meanderings through the Liverpool Visual Arts Scene take in the Bluecoat Courtyard and Garden

Podcast for the Week Mar 18

18/03/08 - This weeks show features the opening of the Bluecoat and interviews with two of the artists, Alec Finlay and Hew Locke....

Podcast for the Week Jan 30

30/1/08 - Ian talks about meeting the new Culture Secretary, the Liverpool Cityscape and previewing the week ahead

Podcast for the Week 21 April

21/04/09 -  This week we're back and looking forward to the Liverpool Art Prize.

Podcast for the Week Jun 17

17/06/08 - This week sees Liverpool go Super Lamb Banana crazy just before a hectic weekend of shows and events from Design Show Liverpool, Africa...

Podcast for the Week 9 December

09/12/09 - A solo show from Ian this week, as Neil is nowhere to be found on this wander through the second best visual...

Podcast for the Week 24 February

24/2/10 - On this weeks podcast news that Hollywood Homeless is postponed, a sad story for a department story to start on and...

Podcast for the Week 10 March

10/03/09 -  This week it's Love Art Week - with Rodin's Kiss, the Liverpool art prize and Climate for Change at FACT.

Podcast for the Week Nov 5

05/11/08 - RETURN of the Podcasts. After a short break, your arts MP3 brings you news from Liverpool. This weeks show is recorded at...

Podcast for the Week Apr 29

29/4/08 - This week. Ian reviews Bluecoat Display Centre’s west meets west exhibition, Shankly at the Olympia, Terry Duffy at the Walker,...

Podcast for the Week Jun 3

03/06/08 - This weeks podcast covers Garston’s Cultural Embassy, Klimt at Tate Liverpool, Variable Capital at the Bluecoat and Macca at Anfield. Plus...

Podcast for the Week Aug 5

05/08/08 - Your arts MP3 brings you news from of Art in Liverpool FM, Imagine Festival, The Sweetest Building - One Sweet Afternoon...

Podcast for the Week 30 September

30/09/09 -  Art and more Art this week as we discuss AND, the Lever Prize nominations and the last week in the Visual Arts...

Podcast for the Week July 29

29/7/08 - Your arts MP3 brings you news from of Jaws on Bold Street, Late at Tate, Fis 08 and One Sweet Afternoon....

Podcast for the Week 3 June

03/06/09 -  This week we tie your Kangaroo down sport! Also The Dream becomes Reality and its all happening on the Waterfornt