Podcast for the Week Oct 7

07/10/08 - This week we bring you news from the Liverpool Biennial, the Independents and Le Corbusier at the Metropolitan Cathedral.  Listen as Neil...

Podcast for the Week 23 September

23/09/09 -  Like you, this week we are struggling to get to grips with everything that is going on.

Podcast for the Week Dec 16

16/12/08 - It's Christmas!!!!  You will find out what the It's Christmas!! makes reference to when you listen to the pod. Yes it is finally...

Podcast for the Week May 14

14/5/08 - This weeks show covers - Fire at the Bluecoat!, Futuresonic, Nexus at Edge Hill, Tate’s Birthday, Dream in St Helens and...

Podcast for the Week Nov 19

19/11/08 - Your Liverpool arts MP3 this week brings you news from art08, the Cornerstone festival and 3 things to see before the Biennial...

Podcast for the Week Oct 14

14/10/08 - Your arts MP3 brings you news from Liverpool, with 10 Million visitors for the Capital of Culture, the independent biennial, and a...

Podcast for the Week Nov 25

25/11/08 - This week Art in Liverpool and Defnet Media bring you news of the People Choice Award in the John Moores Exhibition, NICE08...

Podcast for the Week 7 Jan

07/01/09 - The first Art in Liverpool podcast of the new year as we wait with baited breath for the whole city centre to...

Podcast for the Week 14 January

14/1/10 - Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll, we can't promise you that but here is a run down of what's on the in...

Podcast for the Week 21 April

21/04/09 -  This week we're back and looking forward to the Liverpool Art Prize.

Podcast for the Week 11 Feb

11/02/09 -  This week news of the Superlambanana, Turning the Place Over, Arbores Laetae and Rockscape and Glenn Brown comes to TATE Liverpool

Podcast for the Week 17 March

17/03/09 -  This week it's the Liverpool Art Prize, the Liverpool Wiki and Jason Jones at the Cornerstone.

Podcast for the Week 28 April

28/4/10 - In this weeks podcast we talk about Mankey Monkey going forth, a new craze in Art Criticism plus Light Night approaches..

Podcast for the Week 7 April

7/4/10 - In this weeks podcast we discuss the Private View activities for Big Thursday, including Global Studio at the Bluecoat plus much...

Podcast for the Week Dec 02

02/12/08 - The Biennial is over and Ian has a Carousel in his Living room after the Biennial auction, and as we enjoy the...

Podcast for the Week 31 March

31/03/10 - On the Waterfront part deux plus Easter activities at National Museums Liverpool and loads loads more.

Podcast for the Week 26 January

26/1/10 - This week we're Up for Arts, with Afro Modern, and Laurence Payot.

Podcast for the Week Jun 24

24/06/08 - “Broadcast Live” from the Liverpool Design Show, with interviews with Design Initiative, Ross from Soundnetwork about Open Source City and Milk2Sugars...

Podcast for the Week May 27

27/5/08 - No podcast this week. You can catch up on all the previous podcasts on DefNetMedia podcast page

Podcast for the Week Jun 3

03/06/08 - This weeks podcast covers Garston’s Cultural Embassy, Klimt at Tate Liverpool, Variable Capital at the Bluecoat and Macca at Anfield. Plus...

Podcast for the Week 19 May

19/5/10 - It's more High Kicks and Low Life for the Arts in Liverpool this week.

Podcast for the Week 14 Jan

14/01/09 - What's on this week in the arts in Liverpool and why we are both feeling transitized.

Podcast for the Week Jan 30

30/1/08 - Ian talks about meeting the new Culture Secretary, the Liverpool Cityscape and previewing the week ahead

Podcast for the Week 5 May

5/5/10 - In this weeks podcast, we discuss Light Night, the Writing on the Wall festival and the Mankey Monkey auction...

Podcast for the Week 10 March

10/03/09 -  This week it's Love Art Week - with Rodin's Kiss, the Liverpool art prize and Climate for Change at FACT.

Podcast for the Week 2 December

02/12/09 - Nominations for Liverpool art prize open and so does another art market, plus the Winter Hill transmitter gets turned off

Podcast for the Week 17 June

17/06/09 -  This week our meanderings through the Liverpool Visual Arts Scene take in the Bluecoat Courtyard and Garden

Podcast for the Week 20 May

20/05/09 -  This week it's less Gymnasiums of the Mind but lots of Trainees, Bells and the Degree Shows are upon us.

Podcast for the Week 6 October

06/10/09 -  Splashy comes to town, along with Rothko and Michael Landy plus last week in the Visual Arts in Liverpool

Podcast for the Week May 20

20/5/08 - Find out about this weekends Streets Ahead festival, News from the fringe festival plus the usual news previews and reviews. Find...

Podcast for the Week 2 February

2/2/10 - More visual arts audio from Loverpool with Afro Modern: Journeys through the Black Atlantic and Wrong Love

Podcast for the Week Nov 5

05/11/08 - RETURN of the Podcasts. After a short break, your arts MP3 brings you news from Liverpool. This weeks show is recorded at...

Podcast for the Week 21 October

21/10/09 - This week the Mankey Monkeys are in town throwing their bananas everywhere.

Podcast for the Week 3 March

03/03/09 -  his week news of the Dot-art auction and futuresonic are ringing bells

Podcast for the Week 17 February

17/2/10 - This week we bring you Shops Up Front, The Liverpool Map plus the Philosophy of Fidgets- all on this weeks Art...

Podcast for the Week 24 February

24/2/10 - On this weeks podcast news that Hollywood Homeless is postponed, a sad story for a department story to start on and...

Podcast for the Week Sep 10

10/09/08 - Your free arts Mp3 brings you news from Liverpool arts scene, La Machine again,Rockscape, AV festival, the Liverpool Biennial and More.

Podcast for the Week Nov 12

12/11/08 - Liverpool's arts MP3 this week brings you news of art08, Cities on the Edge and Metafex. Plus a round up of the Visual...

Podcast for the Week Jun 10

10/06/08 - This weeks podcast covers Bluecoat Display centre re-opening at its original venue, the Liar, the Witch & the Wardrobe, Alexei Sayle...

Podcast for the Week 9 September

09/09/09 -  This week on our audio visual meanderings it's big Thursday again plus our regular update on what's been going on in the...