Review: The Female Gaze: Elizabeth Brownsword and Lois Tierney

The Female Gaze: Elizabeth Brownsword and Lois Tierney ROAD Studios, until Sunday 29th January 2017 Words, Patrick Kirk-Smith A studio gallery on the top floor of a listed building,...

Juvenile in Justice: Richard Ross at Open Eye Gallery

Words by Eli Regan Secluded appropriately upstairs away from the other exhibiting artists is a selection of images from Richard Ross’ comprehensive study of incarcerated minors...
weeping window image

Remembrance Day 2015: Liverpool Remembers

These exhibitions are celebrations of people tragically lost to war, and all focus on specific elements of our local identity. For anyone hoping to better understand their heritage these are a must see.

Review: Shojo Manga at The Atkinson

The attention to detail in this exhibition is attributable to the subject. It has so many sensitivities to subject and media that it is impossible not to fall in love with the work.
Colour Fall - Arena, photo by artinliverpool

Review: Liverpool Light Night 2016

On Friday Night, Liverpool stayed open and filled itself with art, music, theatre and basically anything else you can name.... the number of people filling the streets with the sole intention of 'doing something different' was inspiring. When there’s something to see, Liverpool never seems to fail to take a good hard look.
Koki Tanaka

Review: Liverpool Biennial 2016: Flashback & Children’s Episodes at Open Eye

In terms of the Biennial's episodic structure we are dealing here with a Flashback, this collection is resolutely forward facing.

Review: The Wonder of it All, Josie Jenkins & Jacqui Chapman

The Wonder of it All, Josie Jenkins & Jacqui Chapman The Gallery Liverpool, 29th September - 8th October 2016 Words & Pictures, Patrick Kirk-Smith If ever there...

Review: Art at the Heart of Bluecoat

Art at the Heart of Bluecoat Bluecoat, 28th January - 9th April 2017 Words and Photographs by Moira Leonard Bluecoat begin their year-long 300th birthday celebrations...

Review: Artist Rooms: Roy Lichtenstein in Focus

Artist Rooms: Roy Lichtenstein in Focus Tate Liverpool, until 10th June 2018 Words, Patrick Kirk-Smith Tate’s Artist Rooms give everyone the chance to see great art, or...

Review: Tom Wood & Cian Quayle at The Williamson

Photographer, Tom Wood seems to be on-trend currently having had a plethora of exhibitions over this past year. His exhibition at the Williamson Art...

Review: 209 Women – from Parliament to Open Eye Gallery

209 Women - from Parliament to Open Eye Gallery An exhibition of women in power, in a system dominated by men. It is unity, more than...

Lockdown Treasures: The Baltic Triangle (Part 3)

Lockdown Treasures: The Baltic Triangle (Part 3) Words & Images, Bryony Large As we draw closer...

In Conversation with Mike McCartney

‘So why St Georges Hall?’ I asked him. McCartney, a native ‘Liverpool lad’ wasn’t aware of his fascination for the hall until he was asked to do the exhibition.
Matisse The Snail

Review: Matisse in Focus at Tate Liverpool

Matisse in Focus is an educational introduction to the work of this giant of modern art. It also happens to be the final time the centre piece of this show, The Snail, Matisse’s largest collage work, and one of his last, will ever travel.
The Mandolinas and Francis Bacon & Mars. Gwilym Hughes at Editions Ltd

Review: Gwilym Hughes & Fred Jones at Editions Ltd

Hughes and Jones’ prints and etchings displayed in the intimate gallery on Cook Street are brilliantly accomplished pieces of print work that stand out as very finished indeed, and more worthy than the vast majority of painting to adorn a gallery wall.
LJMU Degree Show 2016

Reviews: LJMU Degree Shows 2016

The ways in which these artists have caught the attention of three of the biggest organisations in the North West is testament to how this exhibition layout is supposed to work.

Review: Krzysztof Wodiczko at FACT for Liverpool Biennial 2016

Krzysztof Wodiczko: How can technology, specifically prosthetic technology, help our modern understanding immigration and displacement?

Review: Dip at Crown Building Studios

In its most simple form, to dip is to submerge, and you can submerge both physically and metaphorically, leaving one space to then emerge in another.

Review: Liverpool Print Fair 2017

Liverpool Print Fair 2017 Bluecoat, 8th April 2017 Words, Leyla Gurr Digital technology within the arts has taken leaps and bounds in recent decades, providing the market...

Review: Why Look At Animals

Review: Why Look At Animals at The Atkinson, until 10th March 2018 Words, Patrick Kirk-Smith Part education, part gift-to-self, I went to see this exhibition at The...

Review: Smoke and Fire at Bridewell Studios

Smoke and Fire at the Bridewell, Prescot St. until 14th October 2018 Words, Ian Fallace Images, courtesy of the artists Six artists have created a multi-disciplined show on...

Review: A Little Painting Show: Dead Pigeon Gallery

Review: A Little Painting Show: Dead Pigeon Gallery at Dan Carden Constituency Office, Anfield Words, Lorraine Bacchus Photos, Josie Jenkins The title and location of this exhibition is...

Review: Uncertain Data: a brief meditation at FACT

Uncertain Data:a brief meditation at FACT So, you know how mindfulness is a way to force yourself to relax?...

Andy Johnson’s Light Night Adventure

I had an enjoyable evening enjoying the cultural delights of Light Night. I had worked a rough plan for the evening which varied as the...

Review: Wirral Met Fellows Show 2015

Words by Breda Whyte The Wirral Met Fellows Show 2015 features works by Rachel Perry, Anna Clark and Jay Chesterman and there is a strange cohesion...

Why #writecritical?

Words by Sue Flowers Much has been written about the visual arts over the last few centuries, maybe as a way of defining it, by attempting...

Review: Threshold Exhibition at Constellations

‘The rebirth of the lens’ is probably a fair blurb to assign to Constellations’ current exhibition, running as part of Alchemy Visual Arts festival this weekend. There’s a savoury peep show, a photographic montage of appetite whetting stationary, and a stage projection to re-light the energy of anyone starting to wither.
Di-Andre C. Davies, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner V2, courtesy the artist

Review: Di-Andre Caprice Davies and Leasho Johnson, Jamaican Pulse at Bluecoat

When it comes to Jamaican visual art, our understanding is more limited. Most of what we are familiar with as Jamaican visual culture comes from album covers or postcards. Why don’t we know about what’s going on in the studios, or on the streets?

Review: Contemporary Construction at Bluecoat Display Centre

Bringing an essence of architectural design into our interiors are the Bluecoat Display Centre’s latest exhibitors

Review: Walter Keeler at Bluecoat Display Centre

Walter Keeler Bluecoat Display Centre Words, Shaneka Williams Walter Keeler’s pottery history is as diverse as the work he creates. Inspired by the tradition of pottery, and...

Review: Portals to Uncertainty, Road Studios

Portals to Uncertainty Road Studios, 16th-23rd June 2017 Words, Kirsten Hawkins Portals to Uncertainty concentrates on the eerie side of our every day, that doubt you experience when...

Review: Dementia Connect – Hidden Voices at FACT

Dementia Connect – Hidden Voices at FACT 13 April 2018 Words by Moira Leonard We’re in the Box at FACT. Rows of burgundy sofas. Only a...

Review: Moon Kyungwon and Jeon Joonho, News from Nowhere

Sci-fi, filmed here in Liverpool, opens up a window on the future as Moon Kyungwon and Jeon Joonho tour their ongoing News From Nowhere...

Review: Secret Art of Survival: Creativity and Ingenuity of British Far East prisoners of...

Review: Secret Art of Survival: Creativity and Ingenuity of British Far East prisoners of war, 1942-1945 - Victoria Gallery & Museum Words, Remy Greasley Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore;...

Review: Emma Gregory – Semi-Permanent Collections at VG&M

An exhibition as widely appealing as this is a rare and refreshing sight. It ties in museology, fine art, print production, ceramics, millinery, design, local history, archival work, personal histories and genealogy in a small, very revealing show.
editions Michael Lacey

Review: Michael Lacey – New Mythologies at Editions Ltd

New Mythologies works fantastically with its name, and equally well with its city. The landscape collages use bits and pieces from every day memories of Liverpool, combined with recognisable landmarks and popular imagery.
node 9

Review: Node 9 – LJMU MA Fine Art

This is the new show by students of Liverpool John Moores University’s MA in Fine Art. It’s not particularly looking at any unifying theme, but it does provide an insight into the workings of an MA that is going from strength to strength, largely through appointing the right people.

Review: Afro Supa Hero at International Slavery Museum

To mark the 50th year or Barbados’s independence, and to celebrate his 50th birthday year, artist and collector, Jon Daniel proposed a truly cross cultural exhibition that merges black history and comic book fandom. He’s even managed to work a little local history in too.

Review: Liverpool Biennial 2016 at Cain’s Brewery

The UK’s biggest contemporary arts festival has just kicked off right here in Liverpool, and what better place to start exploring Biennial 2016 than Cain's Brewery, which houses artwork by 16 artists and includes work from five of Biennial's six 'Episodes'

Review: Sojourn(al), Eimear Kavanagh & Eilis Ní Fhaoláin

Sojourn(al), Eimear Kavanagh & Eilis Ní Fhaoláin Road Studios, 29th September – 1st October 2016 Words & Pictures, Patrick Kirk-Smith Eimear Kavanagh & Eilis Ní Fhaoláin have...