Review: The Female Gaze: Elizabeth Brownsword and Lois Tierney

The Female Gaze: Elizabeth Brownsword and Lois Tierney ROAD Studios, until Sunday 29th January 2017 Words, Patrick Kirk-Smith A studio gallery on the top floor of a listed building,...

Brass Art / Shadow Worlds | Writers’ Rooms – Freud’s House

Words by Naomi Cull The latest exhibition of work by experimental collective Brass Art - made up of Chara Lewis, Kristin Mojsiewicz and Anneké Pettican -...

Review: ‘REALITY: Modern and Contemporary British Painting’ at The Walker

Words by Patrick Kirk-Smith. REALITY, the current exhibition at The Walker, curated by Chris Stevens has big ambitions, seeking to explore 60 years of British painting with one simple subject – Britain.

Review: Suzanne Treister HFT: The Gardener – Liverpool Biennial 2016

Software plays an increasing role in our lives, but the line between lived reality and that presented to us by lines of code is increasingly difficult to define.

Review: Threshold 2016 Exhibition at Lantern Theatre

The biggest success at Lantern was the fusing together of Alchemy Visual Arts and Threshold Festival, through work that blurred the boundaries between Theatre and Performance Art.
Car Park Space, RCA

Review: Biennial Fringe: Telling Tales at the Car Park Space

What Open Eye continue to show their visitors, is that photography is much more than a photograph, it is the ability to capture something. What they prove, repeatedly, is that the best photography is made by those who seek to explore their own existence, and the reasoned existence of their careers.

Review: Drawn From Life: People on Paper at Kirkby Gallery

Whether you are an artist, an art enthusiast, or just looking for a free way to spend your time, Drawn From Life: People on Paper will not disappoint.

Review: Joseph & Ivy Hulme at Surtsey Projects

Joseph & Ivy Hulme: A Tremendous Blunder Surstey Projects, Friday 9th December 2016 Words, Patrick Kirk-Smith As an artist, have you ever hit the wall and wondered...

Review: Abacus, at Bluecoat

Abacus can only be seen as successful if its users are comfortable.

Threshold Visual Arts – A Case for the Future

Threshold Visual Arts - A Case for the Future by Kirsten Hawkins You probably didn’t get the memo. I didn’t either, and neither did my close artist...

Review: A Different Way of Seeing

Review: A Different Way of Seeing, at 92 Degrees Coffee: Words, Sophia Charuhas It takes an intrepid artist to make a traditional still life subject into a...

Review: Medical Mavericks; a Tate Exchange from Alder Hey Hospital & Twin Vision

Medical Mavericks: Alder Hey Hospital & Twin Vision Tate Exchange, until 29th February 2020 Review, Sophia Charuhas At the beginning of the 19th century, Liverpool had the highest...

Picturing Venice in Merseyside

Words by Laura Harris Nostalgia plays an important part in the Lady Lever’s current Picturing Venice exhibition (showing until 27 September). Not only do the images...
War, Art and Surgery – Julia Midgley

Review: Julia Midgley – War, Art & Surgery at The Brindley

This is an insightful exhibition from a talented artist, exposing the process of training some of the bravest doctors in the country.

Review: Flat Death: Edgar Martins & Jordan Baseman at Open Eye

It is an exhibition that takes a scientific look at death and presents suicide in a haunting matter-of-fact way. It’s a whole new way of looking for the audience; one that sticks.

Review: Omphalos at Invisible Wind Factory

Light, percussion, kinesthesis, surreal wardrobes, war paint and fire were just some of the elements that kept on building intensity. By the end of it my mind was on the brink of falling to pieces; I’m still not sure if it that’s good or bad.

Review: Stephanie Miello, Depending on What’s There

Miello’s angling of shadow and light in her sculptural installation made the space feel ten times bigger. Impressive, given that she’d actually reduced the floor space by half to do it.

Review: Jarman Awards 2016 at FACT

Jarman awards screening FACT Liverpool, 18th October 2016 Words, Ilona Walker On the 18th October the 2016 Film London Jarman Awards Touring Programme paid a visit to...

Review: COAL, Gary Clarke Company, LEAP Dance Festival 2017

COAL, Gary Clarke Company LEAP Dance Festival 2017 Words (and ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪) by Moira Leonard LEAP Dance Festival 2017, opened with a powerful performance...

Review: Ice Cream for Crow (Captain Beefheart weekender at Make. North Docks)

Ice Cream for Crow (MAKE North Docks, Event Sunday 12th November, work on display Monday 13th & Tuesday 14th 2-8pm) The city of Liverpool puts...

Reivew: So’Maal: Wonders of the World (IB18)

Wonders of the World 21.7.28 review by Ali Harwood ‘Wonders of the World’ was created for So’Maal to mark the date on which the Temple of...

Review: Rembrandt in Print, Lady Lever Art Gallery

The first thing I learn about Rembrandt in Print is that the artist’s full name is Rembrandt Harmenzoon Van Rinj. For some reason I...

Review: Peace Doves by Peter Walker, at Liverpool Cathedral

Review: Peace Doves by Peter Walkerat Liverpool Cathedral Words, Bryony Large ( Amongst the chaotic bustling...

The Soup collective’s RESIZED exhibition opened a small yet inspirational window for ‘NOTES ON...

Words by Deborah Laing There was something about this month’s exhibition at Arena Studios and Gallery that felt intimate: why? Maybe it was due to the...
Paul O'Keeffe as John Ruskin

Review: Paul O’Keeffe – Ruskin on Turner

"There is a power to O’Keeffe’s delivery which goes a long way to explaining why Ruskin was so well regarded, and so highly believed."

Review: Reel Stories at Museum of Liverpool

In this exhibition, with an exciting events schedule and addictive compilation of trivia facts, you can expect to be reminded of some of your favourite films, and discover one or two more to put on that list.
Picasso Linocuts

Review: Picasso Linocuts from the British Museum at Lady Lever Gallery

The linocuts currently showing at the Lady Lever Art Gallery are a testament not only to Picasso's never-ending talent but also to the fact he was firing work out well into his 80s and beyond.

Review: Remnants at Road Studios

Their exhibitions are quietly maintaining the pace of the Biennial, and making our website look more alive

Review: Keith Piper, Unearthing the Banker’s Bones

Keith Piper, Unearthing the Banker’s Bones Bluecoat, Until Sunday 22 January 2017 Words, Kerry Milton On a night when the Liverpool arts scene was buzzing to breaking...

Review: Physical Fest Launch, 2017

Review: Physical Fest Launch 26th May 2017 Words by Moira Leonard Images, courtesy of Physical Fest Physical Fest: the 14th International Festival of Physical Theatre launched in Liverpool...

Review: Future Aleppo, FACT Liverpool

Review: Future Aleppo FACT, until 18th February 2018 Words, Patrick Kirk-Smith Future Aleppo at FACT is the most incredible use of Virtual Reality I’ve experienced. I’m in...

Experience Independents Biennial 2018’s Discordia Exhibition in 360

Discordia, by Laura Brownhill was an ambitious multi-media exhibition for Independents Biennial 2018. Captured in 360 by Peter Nelson below, you can watch the...

Review: Who Wants to Live Forever, Tate Exchange

Who Wants to Live Forever Tate Exchange Words, Sophia Charuhas What if you could significantly contribute to groundbreaking scientific research for generations, but would not know about...

Washing Line Productions: The Surgery

Words by Sinead Nunes, Editor Promenade Theatre meets Cabaret in this darkly comic satirical performance. Last Sunday I waved goodbye to the sunshine to step inside...

Review: Kit Brown – ‘Symbiosis’ at A Small View

Words by Patrick Kirk-Smith. Hidden at the back of The Gostins Arcade, at the end of Hanover Street, is an exhibition that could not have found a better home. Kit Brown’s Symbiosis is an immersive, interlinked, audio visual experience.

Review: AEROSOL at dot-art

There’s a crack in everything and that’s how the light gets in, and so it was on a rainy July day that I visited the Dot Art Gallery to be greeted by a splash of sunlight in the form of AEROSOL

Review: ‘Without These Walls’ at Homebaked Anfield

The film, which uses collaged images of the old houses to create a diorama of the four demolished streets, and audio recordings of families from the area, is a masterpiece in complex analogue techniques.
Liverpool Biennial Launch, photo by Tony Knox

Review: Liverpool Biennial 2016 at ABC Cinema

Every two years I get to explore a city space in a new way, and this year the ABC Cinema on the corner of Lime Street is a highlight. How many times have I walked past this building and never given it a second thought?

Review: Jamie Reid’s Casting Seeds takes over The Florrie

Jamie Reid, Casting Seeds The Florrie, 6th September-16th October 2016 If politics should be local, then so should punk. That’s what I took away from this...

Review: DaDaFest: Alba by Jo Bannon

DaDaFest: Alba by Jo Bannon Bluecoat, 19th November 2016 Words, Jessica Greenall A minimal set becomes the site of numerous ethereal images in Jo Bannon’s visual poem,...