Hidden Gems Feature: A Messy Space for Ceramic Artists

Chris Turrell-Watts had been working at Southport College as a ceramics technician for about 9 years when the college decided to close the ceramics department.

Feature: ‘Relics’ an independent exhibition at Tate.

‘Relics' an independent exhibition at Tate. Words, Deborah Laing Interview with Wendy Williams This years Liverpool Biennial chose Ancient Greece as a self-contained narrative encompassing contemporary artists....

Featured Artist: Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey & The Serving Library

Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey & The Serving Library Interview, Patrick Kirk-Smith Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey, co-founder of Dot Dot Dot, Dexter Sinister and The Serving Library moved to Liverpool and...

Hidden Gems Feature: The Ins And Outs of Arena Studios

Arena is still home to 22 artists, illustrators and designers at varying stages in their careers and with bucketsful of talent just like in the old Arena.

Hidden Gems Feature: Think Small

“We keep the price as low as possible. And that means we can take risks.”

Featured Artist: Donal Moloney

Donal Moloney has work at A Small View, in Gostins Arcade until Saturday 1st October. His work is also on display as part of the John Moores Painting Prize

Hidden Gems Feature: Help! I’m in an Art Gallery!

Have you ever found yourself in a gallery, at an exhibition or just wherever art is and thought, “I don’t get it”

Featured Artists: Simon Woolham & Jennifer Reid

Has’t tha been busy? A’m walkin’ canal. From Leeds t’ Liverpool, Cans’t tha’ m-ek it? Tha’ must be mad. A’d rather eat gruel.

Hidden Gems Feature: The Florrie Gets Art Curator

The Florrie’s second exhibition continues to impress with work from artist Jamie Reid, known for his iconic work for the Sex Pistols and Suburban Press.

Hidden Gems Feature: Enter Through the Newsagents

We have ink being inscribed to configure the complexities of human emotion. We have portraiture which reflects the thoughts and emotions behind the physical shell of the human form.

Featured Artist: 10 Years of Glacial Art

10 Years of Glacial Art Ten years is a long time for a company whose major products last a matter of hours. But how do you even start an ice sculpting business?

Hidden Gems Feature: Translating the Street with Alternator

International artists have been invited to translate the stories of the street, build bridges and make visible the hitherto hidden.

Featured Artist: Franko B

Franko B: ‘An artist’s job is not to suffer, but to ask questions on what it’s like to be alive’ Interview by Jessica Greenall The opportunity...

Hidden Gems Feature: A Bit Past The Blackstuff

The Bridewell temporarily harbored fictional Marxists and bore a series of national insults to the benefits system through Boys from the Blackstuff, but that is only a small part of its history.

Featured Artist: Nick Hugh McCann

Describing the North West as an ‘emotional magnet’, Birkenhead-born Nick Hugh McCann may have left Wirral as a boy but his connections have continued to grow.

Hidden Gems Feature: What’s Up Dock?

In November 2015 the Kazimier decided to put on their own event in the space, named the Invisible Wind Factory, and since then eyes have been turning towards the North Docks.

Featured Artist: Marvin Gaye Chetwynd for Liverpool Biennial 2016

Marvin Gaye Chetwynd has created a new work with and for children. Inspired by Betty Boop - ‘A Song a Day’ (1936) and Bertolt Brecht’s ‘The Threepenny Opera’ (1928), the film has been developed collaboratively with 78 young people from across Liverpool
Koki Tanaka

Featured Artist: Koki Tanaka

“It’s not really about me, it’s about how we can organise things” – Koki Tanaka, on his approach to Liverpool Biennial 2016 Art in Liverpool are incredibly excited to bring you this interview with Biennial Artist, Koki Tanaka.
Liverpool Biennial, Arriva Space Bus

Featured Artists: Hato for Liverpool Biennial

A group of inspiring Year 7 students from Childwall Sports and Science Academy, bring us a new experiment in coded linguistics. The team have developed a code which will be displayed on the side of Liverpool’s route 79 bus for the next three years.
Jim Sharp and Andrew Small

Featured Artists: Andrew Small and Jim Sharp

For this project, focusing on neurological pathways and kaleidoscopic imagery, the lenticular couldn’t be more perfect, grabbing the attention of every hospital visitor who walks past them, and redefining the role of that particular waiting room.
Catherine Harrison - Infinity Emblem (Detail)

Featured Artist: Catherine Harrison

"I have always been interested in decay and using the rust as a material, to print, draw or paint with. Rust is like a disease that eventually disintegrates the object, and using it as a tool – this somehow creates a lasting memory of it."
NAWKI (Not As We Know It) at MUESLI

Featured Artist interview with Meg Brain & Mia Cathcart of MUESLI

The artists who run MUESLI, Meg Brain, Mia Cathcart and Zoë Coogan, all have their own individual practices outside of this, but have formed a bond that is always apparent when talking to groups that mean what they say.
Strange Attractors by Naive John

Featured Artist: Naive John

Naive John and his latest work - Strange Attractors. "If you could see the fineness with which the lines are created, and the science which helps decide the colouring in person, you would understand the level of skill here."
Old News - Light at the End of the Tunnels by Leon Jakeman

Featured Artist: Leon Jakeman

Leon Jakeman is an artist dedicated to using his own experience to improve the lives of others through interactive, unifying, creative experience. He has been curating exhibitions at The Brink, one of Liverpool’s most exciting dry bars, since it opened in 2011 and won awards to mark those contributions.
Agios Gordios - Greece by Shaun Smyth

Featured Artist: Shaun Smyth

Shaun’s distinct style embodies the North: large, lively pieces capturing both the countryside and the city; the beautiful and the industrial. He creates landscapes that are boldly chaotic, yet equally studied.
'Elite Controller 1.0' - TPA show 2015. Joe Cotgrave

Featured Artist: Joe Cotgrave

Our featured artist’s been a busy one recently, not only finding new ways to engage with a new city, having made the journey home from Leeds to re-join the arts in Liverpool, he’s created a multi-region collaborative group, developed work with The Royal Standard and embarked on a Master’s Degree.

Featured Artist: Gabriella Warren-Smith

Gabriella Warren-Smith’s Lines is open at Constellations until the 28 December 2015, and we’ve got an interview to help break down some of the work. Her drawings are clean responses to clever ideas and Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle is an exciting contemporary place to situate such a current body of work.
John Walter and his Pug Virus at Walker Art Gallery c. National Museums Liverpool

Featured Artist: John Walter

Pug Virus is probably Liverpool’s most outward public display for Homotopia, and we’ve been lucky enough to pick the brain of the artist behind it, John Walter – however lacking REM sleep he might have been at the time.

Featured Artist: Andrew Bick

Conversations at the Cornerstone Gallery is a walk-in essay as much as an exhibition, repeatedly referencing art historical giants and artists close to Andrew Bick himself, even taking the time to engage students of Hope University’s Fine Art students with interventions in his grid structures.
Industrial Mythology - Michael Lacey

Featured Artist: Michael Lacey

Michael Lacey is an artist who has thrown himself back into Liverpool and been welcomed back with pleasure. He is clearly unafraid of trying new things, as an artist working in oils, collage, illustration.

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