Artist of the Week: Tomo

An elusive artist on the Liverpool scene, we caught up with Tomo to find out more about the man behind the street art, locksmithing and...

Hidden Gems Feature: The Ins And Outs of Arena Studios

Arena is still home to 22 artists, illustrators and designers at varying stages in their careers and with bucketsful of talent just like in the old Arena.

Artist of the Week: Tony Bishop

I am a fine artist who uses all types of drawing  and painting techniques, but what I find most satisfying is using mixed medium;...

Hidden Gems Feature: Help! I’m in an Art Gallery!

Have you ever found yourself in a gallery, at an exhibition or just wherever art is and thought, “I don’t get it”

Artist of the Week: John Davies

To celebrate the release of a book to accompany the exhibition Turning Green to Brown, Art in Liverpool caught up with John Davies to learn...
Liverpool Biennial, Arriva Space Bus

Featured Artists: Hato for Liverpool Biennial

A group of inspiring Year 7 students from Childwall Sports and Science Academy, bring us a new experiment in coded linguistics. The team have developed a code which will be displayed on the side of Liverpool’s route 79 bus for the next three years.

Artists of the Week: Peter Barker & George Lund

Holimagrafik continues at TAG until 28 February 2014 The Statement Of Intestines within the bowels of art, This is not going to be a load of...
Agios Gordios - Greece by Shaun Smyth

Featured Artist: Shaun Smyth

Shaun’s distinct style embodies the North: large, lively pieces capturing both the countryside and the city; the beautiful and the industrial. He creates landscapes that are boldly chaotic, yet equally studied.
Old News - Light at the End of the Tunnels by Leon Jakeman

Featured Artist: Leon Jakeman

Leon Jakeman is an artist dedicated to using his own experience to improve the lives of others through interactive, unifying, creative experience. He has been curating exhibitions at The Brink, one of Liverpool’s most exciting dry bars, since it opened in 2011 and won awards to mark those contributions.
Industrial Mythology - Michael Lacey

Featured Artist: Michael Lacey

Michael Lacey is an artist who has thrown himself back into Liverpool and been welcomed back with pleasure. He is clearly unafraid of trying new things, as an artist working in oils, collage, illustration.

Hidden Gems Feature: Translating the Street with Alternator

International artists have been invited to translate the stories of the street, build bridges and make visible the hitherto hidden.
Koki Tanaka

Featured Artist: Koki Tanaka

“It’s not really about me, it’s about how we can organise things” – Koki Tanaka, on his approach to Liverpool Biennial 2016 Art in Liverpool are incredibly excited to bring you this interview with Biennial Artist, Koki Tanaka.

Artist of the Week: Carne Griffiths

Originally from Liverpool, Carne Griffiths is currently celebrating his role as headline artist for the ibis Sleep Art Exhibition at Gallery Different in London. Art in...

Featured Artist: Andrew Marr: Strokes of Colour at Corke Art Gallery

Andrew Marr: Strokes of Colour at Corke Art Gallery: Andrew Marr’s first public exhibition, tells two stories, one intentional, one not.

Hidden Gems Feature: A Bit Past The Blackstuff

The Bridewell temporarily harbored fictional Marxists and bore a series of national insults to the benefits system through Boys from the Blackstuff, but that is only a small part of its history.

Artists of the Week: The Critter Shed

If you love original artwork from local illustrators, you've probably heard of this soon-to-be-one-year-old design collective. Art in Liverpool have been charting their journey...

Featured Artist: Jake Summerton, photographing The Las

Featured Artist: Jake Summerton, Photographer ‘The La’s 1987’ – Rarities Album Release & Liverpool Exhibition runs: 15th September – 7th October 2017 The Florrie, 377 Mill St, Liverpool L8 4RF -- Words,...

Featured Artist: Peter Davis

Featured Artist: Peter Davis Zeitgeist is open until 28th April, at Warrington Museum & Art Gallery Interview, Patrick Kirk-Smith A few weeks ago I had the pleasure...

Featured Artist: Brendan Lyons

Featured Artist: Brendan Lyons Interview by Ian Fallace Pictures by Fiona Filby Brendan Lyons is a painter who has exhibited for many years producing stand alone and...

October 2016 Film Round Up

October 2016 film round up Words, Ilona Walker After a flurry of film screenings as part of Scalarama last month it's back to the regular schedule...

Hidden Gems Feature: Enter Through the Newsagents

We have ink being inscribed to configure the complexities of human emotion. We have portraiture which reflects the thoughts and emotions behind the physical shell of the human form.

Building new futures: Liverpool Biennial artist Mae-ling Lokko

Building new futures: On Liverpool Biennial artist Mae-ling Lokko, and her pursuit of an answer to a global question Mae-ling Lokko, one of the headline...

Liverpool Book Art Fair: Kate Bernstein

Kate Bernstein Ahead of this weekend’s Liverpool Book Art Fair at Liverpool Central Library we’re bringing you a series of to-the-point interviews with some of...

Artist of the Week: Jade Long

Jade Long is an artist and photographer who has recently relocated to Liverpool and is excited to get involved in the local art scene...

Artist of the Week: Mike Rickett

Mike Rickett has been a student of fine art for eight years, first achieving a Foundation Degree in Fine Art, then a BA (Hons)...

Featured Artist: idle women

Featured Artist: idle women the idle women institute, St Helens Heart of Glass, St Helens’ status quo busting culture commissioner, brings yet another year of perception...

Featured Artist: John Moores Painting Prize artist, Pete Clarke

John Moores Painting Prize artist, Pete Clarke on finding the right place to work, and the right artists to work with Getting Longlisted for the John...

Artist of the Week: Simon Mack

Words by Sinead Nunes, Editor Simon Mack is a conceptual artist, working mostly with video, photography and installation.  How long have you been an exhibiting artist...
Strange Attractors by Naive John

Featured Artist: Naive John

Naive John and his latest work - Strange Attractors. "If you could see the fineness with which the lines are created, and the science which helps decide the colouring in person, you would understand the level of skill here."

Artists of the Week: Casey & Niki Carlin, Black Glass Studios

At Black Glass Studios we are a husband and wife team of photographers, Casey and Niki Carlin, but with a difference as will be...

Hidden Gems Feature: Spaces of The Liver Sketching Club Since 1872

The Liver Sketching Club was founded on 11 May 1872. The passage of time may have dulled our appreciation of just how long ago this was

Liverpool Art Prize 2014: Tabitha Jussa

Tabitha Jussa is the third and final nominee for this year's Liverpool Art Prize to be featured as our Artist of the Week. Art...

Artist of the Week: Cherie Grist

Words by Sinead Nunes, Editor Cherie Grist will be appearing as one of the visual artists when Threshold V opens its exhibition doors in a few...

Guest publication: Messy Lines: Why I Write

Guest publication: Messy Lines: Why I Write Why should we care about art?  To us readers of and contributors to an art magazine, the answer to...

Artist Blog: Ben Youdan

Ben has been making collage all of his life. From the moment his mother provided him with an out of date Kays catalogue, some...

Liverpool Book Art Fair: Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams (SCI Artists) Ahead of this weekend’s Liverpool Book Art Fair at Liverpool Central Library we’re bringing you a series of to-the-point interviews with...

Artist of the Week: Wendy Williams

I have been working with paper for a few years now, finding the medium useful for several reasons. It is easy to carry, manipulate, its...

Featured Artist: Andrew Bick

Conversations at the Cornerstone Gallery is a walk-in essay as much as an exhibition, repeatedly referencing art historical giants and artists close to Andrew Bick himself, even taking the time to engage students of Hope University’s Fine Art students with interventions in his grid structures.

Featured Artist: Franko B

Franko B: ‘An artist’s job is not to suffer, but to ask questions on what it’s like to be alive’ Interview by Jessica Greenall The opportunity...

Liverpool Book Art Fair: Linda Parr

Linda Parr Ahead of this weekend’s Liverpool Book Art Fair at Liverpool Central Library we’re bringing you a series of to-the-point interviews with some of...