Artist of the Week: Jade Long

Jade Long is an artist and photographer who has recently relocated to Liverpool and is excited to get involved in the local art scene...

Hidden Gems Feature: A Bit Past The Blackstuff

The Bridewell temporarily harbored fictional Marxists and bore a series of national insults to the benefits system through Boys from the Blackstuff, but that is only a small part of its history.

Artist of the Week: Simon Mack

Words by Sinead Nunes, Editor Simon Mack is a conceptual artist, working mostly with video, photography and installation.  How long have you been an exhibiting artist...

Hidden Gems Feature: The Florrie Gets Art Curator

The Florrie’s second exhibition continues to impress with work from artist Jamie Reid, known for his iconic work for the Sex Pistols and Suburban Press.
Catherine Harrison - Infinity Emblem (Detail)

Featured Artist: Catherine Harrison

"I have always been interested in decay and using the rust as a material, to print, draw or paint with. Rust is like a disease that eventually disintegrates the object, and using it as a tool – this somehow creates a lasting memory of it."

Featured Artists: Eimear Kavanagh & Eilis Ní Fhaoláin

I’ve had to battle with my perfectionist ways and that was the hardest part but the part in which I have been best able to grow.

Hidden Gems Feature: The Ins And Outs of Arena Studios

Arena is still home to 22 artists, illustrators and designers at varying stages in their careers and with bucketsful of talent just like in the old Arena.

Featured Artist: Nina Edge, Nothing Welsh Streets

Nina Edge sheds a little light on what made Bluecoat so important to her, and explains how it enables potential.
Old News - Light at the End of the Tunnels by Leon Jakeman

Featured Artist: Leon Jakeman

Leon Jakeman is an artist dedicated to using his own experience to improve the lives of others through interactive, unifying, creative experience. He has been curating exhibitions at The Brink, one of Liverpool’s most exciting dry bars, since it opened in 2011 and won awards to mark those contributions.

Hidden Gems Feature: Gateway to the Public: Liverpool’s Commercial Galleries

While the great comedian W.C. Fields is quoted to have said, “Never work with children or animals”, it is safe to say even the most discerning of artists would probably add themselves onto that list.
Jim Sharp and Andrew Small

Featured Artists: Andrew Small and Jim Sharp

For this project, focusing on neurological pathways and kaleidoscopic imagery, the lenticular couldn’t be more perfect, grabbing the attention of every hospital visitor who walks past them, and redefining the role of that particular waiting room.

Hidden Gems Feature: Help! I’m in an Art Gallery!

Have you ever found yourself in a gallery, at an exhibition or just wherever art is and thought, “I don’t get it”

Conversations with Independents Biennial artists: Faith Bebbington

Conversations with Independents Biennial artists: Faith Bebbington Interview by Joanie Magill, Independents Biennial Writer-in-Residence “I want my work to be outside on the street.” Faith Bebbington’s large...

October 2016 Film Round Up

October 2016 film round up Words, Ilona Walker After a flurry of film screenings as part of Scalarama last month it's back to the regular schedule...

Artist of the Week: Colette Lilley

Words by Sinead Nunes, Editor Our Artist of the Week has many feathers to her bow: a practicing artist, Colette also co-directs a city centre...

Liverpool Book Art Fair: Anna Yevtukh-Squire

Anna Yevtukh-Squire Ahead of this weekend’s Liverpool Book Art Fair at Liverpool Central Library we’re bringing you a series of to-the-point interviews with some of...

Hidden Gems Feature: Spaces of The Liver Sketching Club Since 1872

The Liver Sketching Club was founded on 11 May 1872. The passage of time may have dulled our appreciation of just how long ago this was
John Walter and his Pug Virus at Walker Art Gallery c. National Museums Liverpool

Featured Artist: John Walter

Pug Virus is probably Liverpool’s most outward public display for Homotopia, and we’ve been lucky enough to pick the brain of the artist behind it, John Walter – however lacking REM sleep he might have been at the time.

Hidden Gems Feature: Not Such a Small View Gallery

Tucked away on Hanover Street, nestling in Liverpool’s city centre we have Gostins shopping arcade. In this we have a mishmash of independent traders

Liverpool Art Prize 2014: Tabitha Jussa

Tabitha Jussa is the third and final nominee for this year's Liverpool Art Prize to be featured as our Artist of the Week. Art...

Feature: Casey Orr on her latest project with Alternator Studios – Translating The Street

Translating the street – The Hive, Birkenhead Casey Orr on her latest project with Alternator Studios Translating the street has been a project I’ve wanted to...

Artist of the Week: Curator Laura Mansfield

I am an independent curator and writer living in Manchester. I often work closely with other artists in the development of both publication and...

Artist of the Week: Cherie Grist

Words by Sinead Nunes, Editor Cherie Grist will be appearing as one of the visual artists when Threshold V opens its exhibition doors in a few...

Artist of the Week: Laura Lomax

Words by Sinead Nunes, Editor With just 2 weeks to go until Threshold V, we caught up with artist Laura Lomax to find out more...

Conversations with Independents Biennial artists: Stephanie Carr

Conversations with Independents Biennial artists: Stephanie Carr Interview by Joanie Magill, Independents Biennial Writer-in-Residence  Stephanie Carr’s exhibition, on the top floor of George Henry Lees former...

Artist of the Week: Kate Bufton

Kate Bufton is an artist who works with books; sculpting and moulding pages to create irresistible pieces of art. Art in Liverpool talked to Kate following...

Artist of the Week: Joe Rampley

Words by Sinéad Nunes, Features Editor Our Artist of the Week is recent LJMU graduate Joe Rampley, whose work has already been featured as part...

Featured Artist: Craig Easton

Craig Easton: I’m especially delighted when it is photographs in my own community that get recognised.

Art in Liverpool meets FACT Curator Aneta Krzemien

Sinead Nunes, Art in Liverpool Editor, meets curator Aneta Krzemien to talk about FACT's current exhibition Turning FACT Inside Out, which celebrates the 10th anniversary of...

Featured Artist: Nick Hugh McCann

Describing the North West as an ‘emotional magnet’, Birkenhead-born Nick Hugh McCann may have left Wirral as a boy but his connections have continued to grow.

Artist of the Week: Mixed Media Artist Eimear Kavanagh

Eimear Kavanagh, along with art group Re-View Textile will exhibit as part of the Independents Liverpool Biennial this summer. Art in Liverpool chatted with...

Measuring Your Contemporary Conditions: An Interview with Taus Makhacheva

Measuring Your Contemporary Conditions: An Interview with Taus Makhacheva Interview by Joanie Magill Ahead of her commission for Liverpool Biennial 2018, Taus Makhacheva talks about the...

Artist of the Week: Phill McKenna

Words by Sinead Nunes, Editor We talked to artist Phill McKenna about art degrees, Twitter as an online gallery resource and Liverpool Biennial 2014. How would...

Featured Artist: Marcus Dyer and Pilar Cortés for Threshold Festival

Marcus Dyer and Pilar Cortés Interview, Patrick Kirk-Smith Threshold Festival 2017 promises its usual explosion of art and music this weekend with its overwhelming events programme...

Artist of the Week: Dave Dodd / Inprint Festival

Words by Sinead Nunes, Editor Inprint Festival comes to Camp and Furnace tomorrow, and we can't wait to see the work of some amazing print...

Featured Artist: Marilyn Tippet, book artist

Featured Artist: Marilyn Tippet In 2015 there was an email circulated between local artists, asking us to head to a meeting at Liverpool Central Library...

Featured Artist: Franko B

Franko B: ‘An artist’s job is not to suffer, but to ask questions on what it’s like to be alive’ Interview by Jessica Greenall The opportunity...

Artist Blog #1: Andy Green

The Eyes Have It! I’ve just exhibited my work alongside other artists for the first time in the Facing The City exhibition at The Art...

Art Students on Film, John Beck and Matthew Cornford

Art Students on Film by John Beck and Matthew Cornford You can blame the war for art students. At least, in typically flamboyant form, this is...

Interview: Bryan Biggs, on Bluecoat’s 300th anniversary

Bryan Biggs, on Bluecoat’s 300th anniversary Interview, Patrick Kirk-Smith Ahead of Bluecoat’s 300th anniversary year in 2017 we met with Bryan Biggs, Artistic Director of Bluecoat...