Interview with The Serving Library’s Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey for Art in Liverpool

If you are looking for a quick read, try the shortened version of events here. The interview that follows is with Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey no behalf...

Open Eye Gallery: Lessons in Posing Subjects – Robert Heinecken

Words by Leanne Cunningham Lessons in Posing Subjects, curated by Devrim Bayar, presents over 250 Polaroid photographs by Robert Heinecken, including sketchbooks and magazine cuttings. It...

Interview: Martin O’Brien, on Until the Last Breath is Breathed

Interview: Martin O’Brien, on Until the Last Breath is Breathed and making work about living with cystic fibrosis Interview by Joanie Magill Martin O’Brien is a live artist...

Featured Artist: Marilyn Tippet, book artist

Featured Artist: Marilyn Tippet In 2015 there was an email circulated between local artists, asking us to head to a meeting at Liverpool Central Library...

Review: Judy Chicago: Fixing a Hole

Judy Chicago: Fixing a Hole Stanley Dock (Titanic Hotel) until 30th June Words, Patrick Kirk-Smith On an empty building in Stanley Dock, behind the Titanic Hotel, a...
Liverpool Biennial Launch, photo by Tony Knox

Review: Liverpool Biennial 2016 at ABC Cinema

Every two years I get to explore a city space in a new way, and this year the ABC Cinema on the corner of Lime Street is a highlight. How many times have I walked past this building and never given it a second thought?

Review: Steve des Landes, Un-settled, at the Williamson Art Gallery

Steve des Landes, Un-settled Williamson Art Gallery, until 4th March 2018 Words, Carol Emmas One of the questions I repeatedly ask myself is, what takes an artist...

Review: Art of Solidarity: Cuban posters for African liberation

Think of the words “revolution” and “1960s”, and most of us think of Peace and Love. But in most of the world at the time, “revolution” meant something much more serious.

Review: MINUS at Tate Liverpool (an exhibition that never happened)

The review I could have written. The exhibition didn’t happen though. On 13th July 2017, The Serving Library presented what it called ‘Liverpool minus Francesco Manacorda’

In Pictures: Liverpool School of Art and Design Degree Show 2014

Photography by Christopher Flack During the preview of this year's LSAD degree show at Liverpool John Moores University, guests enjoyed the work of students studying...

Group Therapy: Mental Distress in a Digital Age at FACT

Words by Daniella Scott In this country 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health issue over the course of a year. This is...
Straddling The Fence - LJMU Fine Art MA Interim Show at the Bridewell

Review: Straddling The Fence at The Bridewell

LJMU’s MA Fine Art students present an odd an enticing selection of work that, more than anything, makes you want to know more. A student body that is more connected with the art world outside their own studios than any group I’ve come across for years.

Review: Threshold Exhibition at Constellations

‘The rebirth of the lens’ is probably a fair blurb to assign to Constellations’ current exhibition, running as part of Alchemy Visual Arts festival this weekend. There’s a savoury peep show, a photographic montage of appetite whetting stationary, and a stage projection to re-light the energy of anyone starting to wither.

Review: Stephanie Miello, Depending on What’s There

Miello’s angling of shadow and light in her sculptural installation made the space feel ten times bigger. Impressive, given that she’d actually reduced the floor space by half to do it.
unfold by Ryoichi Kurokawa, at FACT, 2016. Photo by Brian Slater - fact at 15

(P)review: Fact at 15

FACT at 15 on the building, it's history and its director FACT opened its doors in 2003, and in the fifteen years since has solidly cemented...
Review Pierre Henry Liverpool Mass

Review: Pierre Henry: Liverpool Mass

Review: Pierre Henry: Liverpool Mass Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King, Saturday 13th May 2017 Words, Julia Johnson (Messy Lines) It’s a rare treat, to be able...

Review: 1 Minute: Vol. 3-9 at A Small Cinema for Light Night

There are few more promising introductions to a space than being forced to sit on the floor. Small Cinema Liverpool delivered exactly that for Light Night 2016. So busy, so popular, so quick and so quirky that the public seemed to have flocked there.

In Pictures: Build Your Own at FACT

Words and images by Ryan Garry How much difference can one man make? How much difference can one machine make? e-NABLE began in 2011 as a...

Memories of August 1914: Day 2

Words and images by Andy Johnson I woke up early and checked Facebook and saw there was a real buzz about what was happening in...

Rhys Chatham’s A Crimson Grail – Kayleigh Davies

The scale of the upcoming event was proven as a mass of eager spectators entered the Anglican Cathedral to see the performance of ‘A...

Andy Johnson Investigates Open Eye

I first went to the Open Eye Gallery in the 80’s when it was in Whitechapel near the entrance to the old tunnel. I loved...

From Southport, with love…….. The Waterfront Arts Project, The Promenade Southport

Aside from the nostalgic sounds of arcades, the smell of sea air and the waft of fish and chips, The Southport Art groups create...

In Pictures: Emily Speed, Architectural Review at Bluecoat

Emily Speed, Architectural Review at Bluecoat Pictures: Ilona Walker Abacus has been rethinking Bluecoat's main gallery as a space where children can completely take over the...
The Jam, About The young Idea

Review: The Jam – About The Young Idea at the Cunard Building

Rickenbackers and buttons. It doesn’t get much easier to sum an exhibition up than that… Was definitely my first impression of About The Young Idea, an exhibition dedicated to the success of The Jam since the late 1970s, and the culture that grew from it.
Di-Andre C. Davies, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner V2, courtesy the artist

Review: Di-Andre Caprice Davies and Leasho Johnson, Jamaican Pulse at Bluecoat

When it comes to Jamaican visual art, our understanding is more limited. Most of what we are familiar with as Jamaican visual culture comes from album covers or postcards. Why don’t we know about what’s going on in the studios, or on the streets?

Review: Craig Davison, Avengers Resembled

Either way, what I know for certain is that Craig Davison’s work spread a huge smile across my face.
Transformation: One Man’s Cross-dressing Wardrobe

Review: Transformation: One Man’s Cross Dressing Wardrobe at the Walker

This exhibition is a brilliant display of an archive of his experience, with some of the cleverest made-to-measure stitch work you’ll ever see. It tells the story of his experience trying to purchase these clothes, and how his tastes led him on parallel paths to transgender rights prejudices.

Artists of the Week: The Critter Shed

If you love original artwork from local illustrators, you've probably heard of this soon-to-be-one-year-old design collective. Art in Liverpool have been charting their journey...

Review: Fearless Creatures, The Gallery

Review: Fearless Creatures The Gallery, until July 7th Words, Julia Johnson (Messy Lines) Club kids, whether in photos, films or occasionally on the streets of London’s Soho,...

So nice to spot this public art by Anne Harild

So nice to spot this public art by Anne Harild this evening in the @the_bluecoat courtyard

Review: Protégés, Bluecoat Display Centre

Review: Protégés Bluecoat Display Centre, Saturday 29th April 2017 - Saturday 3rd June 2017 Words, Leyla Gurr I had a wonderful art teacher in High School. She...
Colour Fall - Arena, photo by artinliverpool

Review: Liverpool Light Night 2016

On Friday Night, Liverpool stayed open and filled itself with art, music, theatre and basically anything else you can name.... the number of people filling the streets with the sole intention of 'doing something different' was inspiring. When there’s something to see, Liverpool never seems to fail to take a good hard look.
node 9

Review: Node 9 – LJMU MA Fine Art

This is the new show by students of Liverpool John Moores University’s MA in Fine Art. It’s not particularly looking at any unifying theme, but it does provide an insight into the workings of an MA that is going from strength to strength, largely through appointing the right people.

Review: Juliet Fleming, Kieran Leach and Robyn Nichol: Aftertaste, at The Trophy Room

Juliet Fleming, Kieran Leach and Robyn Nichol: Aftertaste The Trophy Room Words, Devon Forrester-Jones Devon Forrester-Jones, Artist and Co-Leader of Surtsey Projects, takes a look at The...
LJMU Degree Show 2016

Reviews: LJMU Degree Shows 2016

The ways in which these artists have caught the attention of three of the biggest organisations in the North West is testament to how this exhibition layout is supposed to work.

Across the Threshold: Festival Diary

Across the Threshold: Festival Diary 2018: the year that Threshold wasn’t, or so the organisers thought. Described as a “fallow year”, Across the Threshold was a...

Art in Liverpool Magazine: Issue #8, 2018 – Editorial

Our final Independents Biennial issue is here. In November, we’re back to normal, returning to routine. But that, in no way, means things are...

Review: Presence: A Window into Chinese Contemporary Art

Review: Presence: A Window into Chinese Contemporary Art at St George’s Hall, until 3rd June Words, Patrick Kirk-Smith Over the road from Terracotta Warriors at World Museum is...

Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair Liverpool: 5 July 2014

Words and photographs by Stephen McKay My partner and I first trekked down from Liverpool to London for the Vauxhall Art Car Boot Fair (VACBF)...

Andy has been accepted as a volunteer for this year’s Biennial!

As mentioned in previous Art Feast posts I took an early retirement/voluntary redundancy deal last year and since then I have been looking for...