Review: The Female Gaze: Elizabeth Brownsword and Lois Tierney

The Female Gaze: Elizabeth Brownsword and Lois Tierney ROAD Studios, until Sunday 29th January 2017 Words, Patrick Kirk-Smith A studio gallery on the top floor of a listed building,...

A Small View of A Small Group of Idiots Ruining It for Everyone Else

Words by Kyle Nathan Brown On entering A Small View exhibition place, dimly lit only by the lights from the corridor outside, one is confronted by...
The Royal Standard / CBS

Review: A Royal Standard Christmas: GIN6 and TRSxCBS=XMAS

Royal Standard concluded their calendar this year with two brilliant summaries of 2015. Not only did this multiple venue event witness most of their studio holders but it included a celebration of the 6GINS project, and the invitation for Crown Building Studios to come and collaborate in their upstairs gallery.
Straddling The Fence - LJMU Fine Art MA Interim Show at the Bridewell

Review: Straddling The Fence at The Bridewell

LJMU’s MA Fine Art students present an odd an enticing selection of work that, more than anything, makes you want to know more. A student body that is more connected with the art world outside their own studios than any group I’ve come across for years.
Nicole Bartos at Domino Gallery

Review: Colour Rhymes and lyrical parallels at Domino Gallery

An insight into her own quiet contemplations on her surroundings. It invites you in to those contemplations. A fitting exhibition for such an inviting space.

Review: Of Angels and Demons by Ernesto Muniz

These works have all been created since Ernesto Muniz arrived in the UK in July, and the results are a delight for the senses.

Review: Will Self: The Roy Stringer Memorial Lecture

Will Self: The Roy Stringer Memorial Lecture FACT, 10th November 2016 Words, Julia Johnson, Messy Lines It’s about the point where he’s comparing artists who collaborate with...

Review: John Armstrong: Dream and Reality

John Armstrong: Dream and Reality The Atkinson, Southport until 3rd September 2017 The Atkinson, Southport’s home of the arts is currently hosting an exhibition of paintings...

Review: Terracotta Warriors

Review: Terracotta Warriors at World Museum until October Words, Patrick Kirk-Smith For an exhibition of stunningly beautiful craft, it’s surprising how much of the history behind the...

Ideas Depot; where art isn’t part of the curriculum. It’s all of it.

Ideas Depot; where art isn’t part of the curriculum. It’s all of it. Words, Patrick Kirk-Smith Quietly, not after but during the Biennials, Tate Liverpool opened...

Review: Nisyros, Vivian’s Bed, Tate Liverpool

Nisyros, Vivian’s Bed, Tate Liverpool - The perfect antidote to grey Winter days has come to Liverpool from Guatemala in the form of Vivian Suter’s exuberant artworks

Liverpool Art Prize 2014: Brigitte Jurack

With less than 3 weeks to go until the Liverpol Art Prize is announced, Art in Liverpool caught up with shortlisted artist Brigitte Jurack...

Artist of the Week: Radar Communication (AKA Mark Chapman)

Words by Sinead Nunes, Editor For this week's feature, we caught up with Radar Communication, AKA artist Mark Chapman, one of the first visual artists...

Hidden Gems Feature: The Florrie Gets Art Curator

The Florrie’s second exhibition continues to impress with work from artist Jamie Reid, known for his iconic work for the Sex Pistols and Suburban Press.

Liverpool Book Art Fair: Julie Dodd

Julie Dodd Ahead of this weekend’s Liverpool Book Art Fair at Liverpool Central Library we’re bringing you a series of to-the-point interviews with some of...

In Pictures: Bluecoat, Public View: 106 Artists from 50 Years

In Pictures Bluecoat, Public View Pictures, Tony Knox Bluecoat, the UK's oldest arts centre turned 300 last week. To celebrate they launched Public View, an exhibition of...

Independents Biennial, a diary

Independents Biennial, a diary Words, Patrick Kirk-Smith I’ll start where I mean to end; something happened this year that clarified a new responsibility for Art in...

Corke Gallery – ‘Fusion’ by M. Vaerio

Words by Breda Whyte At first glance this exhibition is charming - spend time looking at the pieces and it is so much more. There...
darkly demon 1

Review: Darkly Demon – Christine Enright at The Gallery Liverpool

Enright’s illustrations bring this story to life. They are fantastically funny, carefully crafted and delightfully dark visuals for a book that aims to haunt and entertain.
Outsiders View by Henry Woodley at Unit 51

Review: Outsiders View: Photographs of Japan – Henry Woodley at Unit 51

In Outsiders View, Woodley seeks to capture the varied cultural shifts happening today in Japan, and what we are given is a summary of very human, very modern relationships touching on tradition and contemporary influences.

Review: Peter Cameron at Editions Ltd

With a style that has the energy of the abstract, the precision of portraiture, and the comedy of cartoon, it’s difficult to put a label on any of the work in this exhibition.

Review: Aftermath Dislocation Principle, Jimmy Cauty

A simple celebration of the tiny significance that this history has now, using tiny people and tiny lights. There’s nothing closer to the truth of what the 80s is now than that word: history.

Review: Joseph Cotgrave – BTM

His work has gone from eye catching explorations of space in 2015, to playful LGBT focused installations through 2016, to work that puts his focused ideas into well considered spaces.

Lecture Review: Alphonse Mucha & Auguste Rodin ‘A Lasting Friendship’

Lecture: Alphonse Mucha (1866 – 1939) & Auguste Rodin (1840 – 1947) ‘A Lasting Friendship’ Walker Art Gallery – Rex Makin Lecture Theatre Words and Photographs,...

Review: Caroline Coon: The Great Offender

Caroline Coon: The Great Offender, The Gallery, until 27th May Words & Pictures, Julia Johnson (Messy Lines) Caroline Coon’s first ever solo exhibition makes its statement...

Review: She’s Eclectic – Women Artists of the VGM Collection

In the short time I have been living in Merseyside, I have already established a routine of popping into the Victoria Gallery & Museum...

Review: Linda McCartney Retrospective

Linda McCartney RetrospectiveWalker Art Gallery, 8 August – 1 November 2020 Words, Remy Greasley Linda McCartney...

Artist of the Week: Tony Bishop

I am a fine artist who uses all types of drawing  and painting techniques, but what I find most satisfying is using mixed medium;...

Artist of the Week: Andrew Morrison

Words by Sinead Nunes, Editor Ahead of the Artist Book Fair taking place this Saturday at Liverpool Central Library, we caught up with book artist...

Featured Artists: Simon Woolham & Jennifer Reid

Has’t tha been busy? A’m walkin’ canal. From Leeds t’ Liverpool, Cans’t tha’ m-ek it? Tha’ must be mad. A’d rather eat gruel.

The power of print; Heart of Glass and Kate Hodgson in conversation

The power of print Heart of Glass and Kate Hodgson in conversation, on their Independents Biennial collaboration Liverpool/St Helens-based artist Kate Hodgson believes in the power...

Joel Bird at The Reader Gallery

We had a good chat about art, sheds, allotments and, of course, birds which feature a lot in his artwork. Until Sunday 9 August 2015. Open 10.00 – 17.00

Digital Gallery: Victoria Gallery & Museum: Secret Art of Survival – Creativity and ingenuity...

Secret Art of Survival - Creativity and ingenuity of British Far East prisoners of war, 1942 - 194525 October 2019 - 20...

Review: Niamh O’Malley – Glasshouse at Bluecoat

The exhibition is exciting, engaging, entertaining, and above all that, it hits some truly meditative notes; this is the perfect exhibition to break up the city centre drudgery of trudging between Primark and M&S this season.
diana dors

Review: Blonde Sinner: Diana Dors in the 1950s at The Gallery Liverpool

The Gallery Liverpool have done such a brilliant job of displaying this archive that I learned more about Diana Dors than I learn on most trips to the museum.
The Creative Process - film by Ryan Garry

Review: The Creative Process: A Film by Ryan Garry

This is a compact example of why the creative process is exciting (both to the artist and the audience), and its takes that sample swiftly. That is what makes this such an accessible film.

Review: 1 Minute: Vol. 3-9 at A Small Cinema for Light Night

There are few more promising introductions to a space than being forced to sit on the floor. Small Cinema Liverpool delivered exactly that for Light Night 2016. So busy, so popular, so quick and so quirky that the public seemed to have flocked there.

Review: basement present, ‘basements connected’

Take any basement, they’re never simple things, with rooms to the left or the right, and supporting walls you never knew your house even needed. It’s hardly a layout a curator would ordinarily jump at, but its success is in its flaws, allowing artists with little in common to exhibit with each other

Review: Ed Bruce, Stations Ends

Ed Bruce, Stations Ends Bridewell Studios Words, Josie Jenkins I’ve known about Ed Bruce's work on the ‘Station Ends’ monoprints for a while. Earlier in the year...

Review: Culture Shifts: Global, at Open Eye, Look/17

Culture Shifts: Global, at Open Eye, Look/17 until 18th June 2017 (LOOK/17 continues until 14th May all over Liverpool) Words, Patrick Kirk-Smith Hong Kong and Liverpool have long...