Review: The Female Gaze: Elizabeth Brownsword and Lois Tierney

The Female Gaze: Elizabeth Brownsword and Lois Tierney ROAD Studios, until Sunday 29th January 2017 Words, Patrick Kirk-Smith A studio gallery on the top floor of a listed building,...
The Creative Process - film by Ryan Garry

Review: The Creative Process: A Film by Ryan Garry

This is a compact example of why the creative process is exciting (both to the artist and the audience), and its takes that sample swiftly. That is what makes this such an accessible film.

Review: 1 Minute: Vol. 3-9 at A Small Cinema for Light Night

There are few more promising introductions to a space than being forced to sit on the floor. Small Cinema Liverpool delivered exactly that for Light Night 2016. So busy, so popular, so quick and so quirky that the public seemed to have flocked there.

Review: basement present, ‘basements connected’

Take any basement, they’re never simple things, with rooms to the left or the right, and supporting walls you never knew your house even needed. It’s hardly a layout a curator would ordinarily jump at, but its success is in its flaws, allowing artists with little in common to exhibit with each other

Review: Ed Bruce, Stations Ends

Ed Bruce, Stations Ends Bridewell Studios Words, Josie Jenkins I’ve known about Ed Bruce's work on the ‘Station Ends’ monoprints for a while. Earlier in the year...

Review: Culture Shifts: Global, at Open Eye, Look/17

Culture Shifts: Global, at Open Eye, Look/17 until 18th June 2017 (LOOK/17 continues until 14th May all over Liverpool) Words, Patrick Kirk-Smith Hong Kong and Liverpool have long...

Review: Art et Liberté: Surrealism in Egypt

Art et Liberté: Surrealism in Egypt Tate Liverpool, until 18th March 2017 Words, Carol Emmas I thought I knew quite a bit about Lee Miller and Roland Penrose,...

George Henry Lee’s: A note on getting to know a gem

Over the last few weeks, I’ve come to love this building. I don’t know if I did before, certainly not beyond its beauty. My own...

Review: This Is What I Came Here to Do – The Tapestry

Review of “This Is What I Came Here To Do”, The Tapestry. words and photos by Lorraine Bacchus For this weekend only 12th & 13th October,...

Artists of the Week: Casey & Niki Carlin, Black Glass Studios

At Black Glass Studios we are a husband and wife team of photographers, Casey and Niki Carlin, but with a difference as will be...

Artist of the Week: Tomo

An elusive artist on the Liverpool scene, we caught up with Tomo to find out more about the man behind the street art, locksmithing and...

Hidden Gems Feature: What’s Up Dock?

In November 2015 the Kazimier decided to put on their own event in the space, named the Invisible Wind Factory, and since then eyes have been turning towards the North Docks.

Liverpool Book Art Fair: Kate Bernstein

Kate Bernstein Ahead of this weekend’s Liverpool Book Art Fair at Liverpool Central Library we’re bringing you a series of to-the-point interviews with some of...
Liverpool Biennial Launch, photo by Tony Knox

In Pictures: Liverpool Biennial 2016 Launch

Split into episodes and scattered around Liverpool, this installment of Liverpool Biennial has so far proven to be almost impossible to sum up. Tony Know shares his excellent photographs of the first day of this exciting project, ready just in time for minds to made up and plans to be made. Liverpool Biennial 2016 opens tomorrow (July 9th) so be sure to get your thinking hat on, read our numerous reviews and previews, and find the exhibition to kick off your Biennial.

Liverpool Biennial 2016 – Patrick Kirk-Smith Reviews the Programme Launch

Between 9th July and 16th October 2016 Liverpool will once again become the home of Liverpool Biennial, our offering to the world which ensures Liverpool’s continued importance in global arts.

Review: Niamh O’Malley – Glasshouse at Bluecoat

The exhibition is exciting, engaging, entertaining, and above all that, it hits some truly meditative notes; this is the perfect exhibition to break up the city centre drudgery of trudging between Primark and M&S this season.
diana dors

Review: Blonde Sinner: Diana Dors in the 1950s at The Gallery Liverpool

The Gallery Liverpool have done such a brilliant job of displaying this archive that I learned more about Diana Dors than I learn on most trips to the museum.
unfold by Ryoichi Kurokawa, at FACT, 2016. Photo by Brian Slater

Review: unfold by Ryoichi Kurokawa at FACT

Ryoichi Kurokawa’s film, unfold, at FACT is one of the most immersive, experiential pieces of theatre I have ever had the good fortune to see. It was one of the most serene, and least serene experiences of my life.
The Jam, About The young Idea

Review: The Jam – About The Young Idea at the Cunard Building

Rickenbackers and buttons. It doesn’t get much easier to sum an exhibition up than that… Was definitely my first impression of About The Young Idea, an exhibition dedicated to the success of The Jam since the late 1970s, and the culture that grew from it.

Review: Utopia Deferred at Corke Gallery

Utopia Deferred Corke Gallery, until 9th September 2016 Words, Julia Johnson, Messy Lines Look at any great human civilization and you can’t help but notice that people...

Review: Craig Davison, Avengers Resembled

Either way, what I know for certain is that Craig Davison’s work spread a huge smile across my face.

Preview: Liverpool Book Art Fair, an interview with Simon Ryder

Preview: Liverpool Book Art Fair, an interview with Simon Ryder Liverpool Central Library, 8th & 9th July 2017 Words & interview, Patrick Kirk-Smith Liverpool has a strong...

Review: Presence: A Window into Chinese Contemporary Art

Review: Presence: A Window into Chinese Contemporary Art at St George’s Hall, until 3rd June Words, Patrick Kirk-Smith Over the road from Terracotta Warriors at World Museum is...

Book review: Post-it: Independents Biennial Writers-in-Residence 2018

Eight writers, four months, two books. What happens when you ask writers to respond to something that is itself evolving? In this case, a...

Review: The View from the Top of a Pyramid – Jacqui Hallum at...

The View from the Top of a Pyramid – Jacqui Hallum The Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool 12 October 2019 - 26 April 2020 Words and pictures by...

Artist of the Week: Joe Rampley

Words by Sinéad Nunes, Features Editor Our Artist of the Week is recent LJMU graduate Joe Rampley, whose work has already been featured as part...

Artist of the Week: Liverpool Sound City Team

Ahead of the UK's biggest urban festival here in Liverpool, (yes, that's right!) this weekend, we caught up with Sally Nulty, the Wider Arts...

Hidden Gems Feature: Not Such a Small View Gallery

Tucked away on Hanover Street, nestling in Liverpool’s city centre we have Gostins shopping arcade. In this we have a mishmash of independent traders

OUTPUT Gallery: Liverpool’s latest, loyalest, addition to the gallery scene

OUTPUT Gallery: Liverpool’s latest, loyalest, addition to the gallery scene Gabrielle De La Puente on her grand plans for a space built by and for...

Carnival by Inga Lineviciute at A Small View

There is something delightful but with a sense of uneasiness in this installation by Inga Lineviciute.

Digital Gallery: Victoria Gallery & Museum: Watercolours from the VG&M Collection

Victoria Gallery & Museum, Watercolours from the VG&M Collection

REALITY at the Walker Proves Painting is Still Relevant

Words by Alice Benbow Reality: - the status of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them; having...
Dry Your Eyes Princess by Stephen King

Review: ‘Dry Your Eyes Princess’ at Museum of Liverpool

Dry Your Eyes Princess is a clever biographical collaboration of some of Britain’s most inspirational individuals. They’ll probably disagree that they’re inspirational, but all of them have made brave choices, and help to promote the possibility of what could be normal in the future.
Clare Flinn at Editions Ltd

Review: Cityscape to Landscape: Clare Flinn at Editions Ltd

This is a fantastic choice for Editions to open 2016 with. Taking an artist who has always had a place there and giving them the exhibition they deserve. If it was crucial to choose an audience for this... who really stops and looks; at art; at their city; at the sky.
They Were My Landscape © Phoebe Kiely, 2015

Review: Open 2: Pieces of You at Open Eye Gallery

If you think you know photography, this exhibition will make you spin on your heels and look again, with a combination of curatorial play and introverted enquiry.

Review: Liverpool Biennial 2016: Rita McBride at Toxteth Reservoir

Rita McBride’s large scale installation represents an opening between the real world and the world of fiction. Entering the unilluminated location of the piece with its sonic reverberations

Review: Mark Leckey’s ZOO LOGIC at Walker Art Gallery

Mark Leckey: ZOO LOGIC Walker Art Gallery,  9 September 2016 - 26 February 2017 Logic in Leckey? Words, Alison Little Mark Leckey brings the fiction of the virtual works...

Review: Fresh Perspectives – Art from Wirral Schools

Fresh Perspectives – Art from Wirral Schools Lady Lever Art Gallery Words and Photographs by Moira Leonard Over the last few months a group of 14 to...

Review: Eimear Kavanagh’s experimental workshops at Bluecoat

Did it conquer my fear? It certainly loosened me up enough to lose some of the irrational artistic control I’ve developed

Review: It Will Never Work: 25 Years of Urban Splash

It Will Never Work: 25 Years of Urban Splash at RIBA North, until 16th June 2018 Words, Patrick Kirk-Smith “It would never have worked without all Urban Splash...