Review: The Female Gaze: Elizabeth Brownsword and Lois Tierney

The Female Gaze: Elizabeth Brownsword and Lois Tierney ROAD Studios, until Sunday 29th January 2017 Words, Patrick Kirk-Smith A studio gallery on the top floor of a listed building,...

A Look Back at Light Night at ROAD Studios

Words by Liza McCarthy Friday 15 May saw the Liverpool streets inundated until late into the night with culture vultures desperate to secure their latest art fix...

Let Me Entertain You: Brendan Walker “Thrills” at FACT

Words by Kirsten Hawkins It was thrills and spills last week at FACT during the Roy Stringer Memorial Lecture, which welcomed guest speaker and “Thrill Engineer”...
Yeah No I Know by Seize at Muesli

Review: Yeah No I Know by Seize at MUESLI, The Royal Standard

The work on display has the look and feel of contemporary art... It is crisp, it is clean, and it commands the authority of the space, everything contemporary art appears to do these days. They’re a group with their fingers on the pulse.

Review: Maria Lassnig at Tate Liverpool

The retrospective exhibition spans over seventy years of the artist’s life and career, but is far from chronological. It picks on certain series of work that might not be a perfect representation of her career, but definitely shows the politics of her work at its best.

Review: Liverpool Biennial 2016: Arseny Zhilyaev, Last Planet Parade

This was a home once, and it still feels like that takes precedent over its current status as a gallery. That’s no bad thing, not at all. Arseny Zhilyaev has responded to the architecture of the space – in both rooms – as delicately as you would in your own living room.
Liverpool Biennial Launch, photo by Tony Knox

Review: Liverpool Biennial 2016 in review

Liverpool Biennial 2016 in review Words, Patrick Kirk-Smith It’s the final week of Liverpool Biennial 2016. Almost everything that is going to happen has happened, but...

Review: Pirates, Pants and Wellyphants

Pirates, Pants and Wellyphants, Nick Sharratt Kirkby Gallery, until 22nd April 2017 Words, Melissa Dowell Every millennial's favourite childhood author, Nick Sharratt, has a new exhibition at Kirkby Gallery. Pirates,...

Review: The Liverpool Collection, at dot-art

The Liverpool Collection dot-art Gallery, until 13th January 2018 Words, Kevin Symes Hidden away in a charming Diagon Alley-esque side street is dot-art Gallery, who have just opened...

LightNight Diary 2018: The year of reflection

The year the voices of Liverpool made a difference. I don’t think I’ll remember LightNight 2018 any other way. There were the usual street performances,...

Review: Keith Haring at Tate Liverpool

Keith Haring hasn’t ever had a solo show in the UK. Yet for some reason I feel a closeness to Haring that has been...

Artist of the Week: Martina Vermorel – Horse Woman, The Walks

My name is Martina Vermorel and I am an artist and writer. I studied Art & Performance with Textual Practices at Dartington College of...
Industrial Mythology - Michael Lacey

Featured Artist: Michael Lacey

Michael Lacey is an artist who has thrown himself back into Liverpool and been welcomed back with pleasure. He is clearly unafraid of trying new things, as an artist working in oils, collage, illustration.

Featured Artist: Ali Barker, Four Dimensional Colour

Featured Artist: Ali Barker, Four Dimensional Colour dot-art, 10th-24th September 2016 Ali Barker’s synaesthesia hasn’t always been with her. What has though, is her music, and...

Interview with The Serving Library’s Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey for Art in Liverpool

If you are looking for a quick read, try the shortened version of events here. The interview that follows is with Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey no behalf...

‘incompatible’ Exhibition by Hope University Creative Practice Masters Students

incompatible presents the work of a group of six artists who are diverse in their practices. Each of the artists has undertaken a Masters by Creative Practice at Liverpool Hope University.

What are you Waiting For? Build Your Own at FACT

Words by Sufea Mohamad Noor Right now, FACT is Liverpool's gathering spot for different clans of makers who associate themselves with DIY be it through crafts...
bluecoat serving library

Review: The Serving Library at Bluecoat

The choice to leave The Serving Library in place was an utterly fantastic one, and has allowed for far more exposure of these ideas, and these conversation points which underpin our knowledge of language and of creative presentation, to a public that rarely gets the chance to ask the questions for themselves.
Art Gym at Tate Liverpool

Review: Art Gym at Tate Liverpool

It almost seems festival like in its entirety, which I think is a good thing. With something for almost everyone, from complete beginners to practising artists with no limitations on age whatsoever.
Body Image, The Brindley

Review: Body Image at The Brindley

Are you beautiful enough? Is your body size zero? Are your eyelashes long enough? Do you always say the right thing? Do you ‘fit in’? No? Well we can help you with that. Just use our cosmetics/surgery/therapy (delete as appropriate) and you will be ‘perfect’. Except you won’t be.

REVIEW: I-deNt-iTy, David Holah

I want to wake up and feel as positive as his multimedia images made me feel. Even before understanding their story I had an uncontrollable smile on my face

Review: Jerwood Photoworks Awards

Jerwood Photoworks Awards, Review Open Eye Gallery, 28 October – 18 December 2016 Words, Carol Emmas It was a busy evening across Liverpool with a few simultaneous...

Review: Michael James O’Brien, His Tender Heir

Michael James O’Brien, His Tender Heir The Gallery Liverpool, 8th-30th April 2017 Words, Patrick Kirk-Smith As part of LOOK/17, The Gallery Liverpool are summing up 30 years...

Review: The Pier Head – Tom Wood

The Pier Head - Tom Wood Open Eye Gallery, until 25th March 2018 Words, Carol Emmas I recently rewatched the BBC4 ‘What Artists Do All Day’ documentary...

Preview of Broken Symmetries, a collaboration between FACT & CERN

Super Collider. When art and science met Preview of Broken Symmetries, a collaboration between FACT & CERN Words, Kathryn Wainwright Coming later this month, FACT’s recent collaborations...

Artist Blog: Ben Youdan

Ben has been making collage all of his life. From the moment his mother provided him with an out of date Kays catalogue, some...

Artist of the Week: Robert Flynn

Words by Sinead Nunes, Editor The next in the line-up to be announced for Threshold V is artist Robert Flynn, whose geometric sculptural forms seem to...

Featured Artist: Marvin Gaye Chetwynd for Liverpool Biennial 2016

Marvin Gaye Chetwynd has created a new work with and for children. Inspired by Betty Boop - ‘A Song a Day’ (1936) and Bertolt Brecht’s ‘The Threepenny Opera’ (1928), the film has been developed collaboratively with 78 young people from across Liverpool

Featured Artist: Andrew Marr: Strokes of Colour at Corke Art Gallery

Andrew Marr: Strokes of Colour at Corke Art Gallery: Andrew Marr’s first public exhibition, tells two stories, one intentional, one not.

In Pictures: Glam Up North at Museum of Liverpool

Words by Sinéad Nunes, Features Editor. Images courtesy NML Acclaimed portrait and fashion photographer John Rankin Wadell presents It's Glam Up North: Curated by Rankin...
Yeah No I Know by Seize at Muesli

Threshold Festival 2016: Featured Artists – Meg Brain & Joseph Cotgrave

Two of Liverpool’s most active new groups, coming together in part of a festival that’s already struggling to contain itself with the sheer volume of events and venues. But how are TPA and MUESLI going to make it work?

Brass Art / Shadow Worlds | Writers’ Rooms – Freud’s House

Words by Naomi Cull The latest exhibition of work by experimental collective Brass Art - made up of Chara Lewis, Kristin Mojsiewicz and Anneké Pettican -...

Review: ‘REALITY: Modern and Contemporary British Painting’ at The Walker

Words by Patrick Kirk-Smith. REALITY, the current exhibition at The Walker, curated by Chris Stevens has big ambitions, seeking to explore 60 years of British painting with one simple subject – Britain.

Review: Suzanne Treister HFT: The Gardener – Liverpool Biennial 2016

Software plays an increasing role in our lives, but the line between lived reality and that presented to us by lines of code is increasingly difficult to define.

Review: Threshold 2016 Exhibition at Lantern Theatre

The biggest success at Lantern was the fusing together of Alchemy Visual Arts and Threshold Festival, through work that blurred the boundaries between Theatre and Performance Art.
Car Park Space, RCA

Review: Biennial Fringe: Telling Tales at the Car Park Space

What Open Eye continue to show their visitors, is that photography is much more than a photograph, it is the ability to capture something. What they prove, repeatedly, is that the best photography is made by those who seek to explore their own existence, and the reasoned existence of their careers.

Review: Drawn From Life: People on Paper at Kirkby Gallery

Whether you are an artist, an art enthusiast, or just looking for a free way to spend your time, Drawn From Life: People on Paper will not disappoint.

Review: Joseph & Ivy Hulme at Surtsey Projects

Joseph & Ivy Hulme: A Tremendous Blunder Surstey Projects, Friday 9th December 2016 Words, Patrick Kirk-Smith As an artist, have you ever hit the wall and wondered...

Review: Abacus, at Bluecoat

Abacus can only be seen as successful if its users are comfortable.

Threshold Visual Arts – A Case for the Future

Threshold Visual Arts - A Case for the Future by Kirsten Hawkins You probably didn’t get the memo. I didn’t either, and neither did my close artist...