Friday, December 8, 2023
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Volunteer Writers, Art in Liverpool

Art in Liverpool is an open publishing platform. We publish news, reviews and features online to 15 to 25000 readers & in print to 9000 readers, every month.

This is a voluntary role, but we work with everyone who writes for us to develop new projects (we’re particularly interested in anyone coming to us with creative projects we can help them find funding for).

It’s not a usual volunteer role. It’s work from home, in your own time. There’s the same copy deadline every month if you want your writing in print, but we believe that anyone doing anything for free should be doing it on their own terms, so we’ll never push deadlines.

Every editor of Art in Liverpool started as a volunteer for Art in Liverpool, and people who have written for us have ended up as print journalists, marketing coordinators and part of creative programme teams up and down the country (but mostly in Liverpool – because, why leave?)

If you’re a passionate creative or critical writer, fresh out of school, fresh into retirement, or in the middle of a busy 9-5 but with a stack of writing and no place to publish it, send us an email.

The only things we’re strict on is that we ONLY write about visual art. We’ve got nothing against music, theatre, film or literature, but that’s not what we’re here for. If you’re interested in starting to write on the subject, but don’t know where to, we’re happy to give feedback, and run through editorial too.

To start writing for us, send samples of your writing (or links to them), a CV, and your reasons for wanting to write for us, to with the subject line NEW WRITING. Or, if you don’t fancy being regular, but have something you’ve written and want it shared, send it over šŸ™‚

There is no formal deadline for this post.