YAW Monthly Residency Program – OPEN CALL

YAW Monthly Residency Program – OPEN CALL

YAW offers a self-led residency program, facilitating a space for 10 emerging and practicing artists in Liverpool on an open call basis.

Each month YAW will announce a new open call for a further 10 artist spaces to be taken up. Because of the monthly changeovers in residencies, the space YAW occupies will be constantly filled with live activity, ever-changing the space.

Our directive is to allow each artist to use the space in a way that is supportive of their practice, with the opportunity to work and exhibit alongside each of us at YAW, who will be using the space in a similar way throughout.

We plan to create a continuously developing network of emerging artists through the residency program; we’re aiming to facilitate as many emerging and practicing artists as possible over our three-month occupancy at George Henry Lee’s building, with the estimated total residents by the end of our stay being 30(+) people!

So please, go ahead and shower us with your best proposals!


See below for details of the facilities YAW can offer at George Henry Lee’s and application specifications.

What we can offer:

Access: George Henry Lee’s will be open to the public 6 days a week (Wed-Mon) from 11am-6pm (closed Tuesdays)

Sadly, no access to internet (grim, we know)

Access to plug sockets and electricity

Contact with YAW members – exchange of phone numbers + emails

Studio space (if opted for in application), (Incl. Table and chair)

Involvement in YAW Art Socials, An Eye for a Pie: Non-Monetary Currency Exchange, YAW Critiques, Short-film screening afternoons with Empty Spaces Cinema, and other social and networking events hosted by YAW

Involvement in Independents Biennial exhibition of work and events

Promotion of your residency/work/events through the social media platforms of YAW, Independents Biennial and Art in Liverpool

Social Media Takeovers and Instagram/Twitter Residencies

Working in a social and mutually supportive art environment

Space to exhibit work, put on pop-up shows and events (such as talks, workshops, possible music events, and whatever else you can think of!)

Details and Conditions of applications:

Proposals should cover no more than a single page of A4 and outline how you aim to use the space and what your motives for this are. Your application should reflect you and your practice, so don’t worry about formality if that’s not your style! As long as you can express your ideas and intentions, YAW is happy with whatever style you choose to communicate them in!

YAW welcomes applications from individual or numerous people (e.g.: groups, collectives, collaborations, etc.). If the latter, please submit one application per party, stating within it the names and role each person will assume your desired residency.

Applicants can propose residencies for any time period ranging between a one-night/day event up to a month-long studio space and/or exhibition, and anything in-between this timeframe.
Please note that you should restrict to only applying for the time you need, so as to not take up time and space that would be of higher value to another: YAW aims to support and accommodate as many artists as possible in our time at George Henry Lee’s!

To apply, please submit all proposals to yaw.apply@gmail.com