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Women in Stockport 1918 Digital Heritage Project

Women in Stockport 1918 Digital Heritage Project
Fee: Up to £15,000
Delivery Period: June – November 2018
Closing Date: Friday 25th May 2018

The stories of the men who left Stockport to fight in 1914-1918 are relatively well documented. Whilst men were away at war, the role of women in the town changed significantly as they were required to take occupations left vacant. At the same time, a number of local women, inspired by the national suffrage movement, became pioneers in their communities. Despite being recently honoured through the naming of a new public space in Stockport town centre, their stories remain relatively unknown. This project aims to use digital and other art forms to bring to the stories of these and other local women pioneers to life. It will:

  • Encourage local people to find out about the roles of local women and the contribution they made to life in the town between 1914-18
  • Find out about influential local people of the time, including those involved in the suffrage movement
  • Create a new digital archive of stories and memories relating to Stockport in 1918 and propose and cost effective digital mechanisms to engage communities in discovering these hidden histories at Stockport’s libraries and museums and around the town centre.

Stockport Council is looking for suitably qualified individual or organisation to manage and deliver the project with local people. The outputs will include:

  • a public campaign to engage local people to explore archives, collections and other resources to explore the role of women in Stockport between 1914 and 1918;
  • workshops in communities using relevant resources to encourage people to explore the lives of women in Stockport using different art forms, especially those hidden stories of local women;
  • development of content for exhibitions/displays/performance/digital engagement to be delivered from November 2018
  • development of an easily accessible and searchable online digital archive capturing the knowledge and memories discovered through the project.


Key skills and experience required to deliver the brief are:

  1. Demonstrable experience of carrying out research to inform exhibitions
  2. Demonstrable experience of curating engaging exhibitions and displays
  3. Experience of writing interesting and engaging materials and text panels
  4. Experience of designing interesting and engaging materials and text panels

For more information see the Project Brief