Walton CLP, who are you? Show and Tell!

It’s time to unleash your hidden talents. Do you cook, or knit, or sing, or write poetry?

Can you rap, or DJ, or dance, or offer us an avant-garde performance act?

Do you juggle, paint, decorate, collect stamps? Do you have some old videos to share, a home movie from a long time ago? What are your hidden talents?

What is it you do? Who are you?

Walton CLP: THE UNKNOWN will be a summer event designed to showcase all of our different talents. If you would like to get involved, please email: lenasimic@hotmail.com, or write to Gary Anderson, Liverpool Hope University, Creative Campus, Shaw Street, L6 1HP, to let us know you could contribute to the event.

Deadline is 15th May 2018

Jayne Lawless, Artist and Lena Simic, Political Education Officer will be organising this event, together with all interested Walton CLP members.

Time, place and actions are to be confirmed – they are still unknown.

Image: Jayne Lawless. Jayne and Lena Do Politics in a cafe, 2018. Acrylic on paper.