Visual Designer, Hope Streets Festival

Visual Designer, Hope Streets Festival

We are looking for someone to develop graphics to be used on social media, and on our website.

The designs created will need to be used by two young producer groups, who are staging different activities in two different parts of Cheshire, but marketing them through the same social media account. The design should signal the two different streams of activity, but work well together.

We would like the artwork to be playful and recently we have been really inspired by collage techniques. In this way, you don’t need to be a graphic artist to apply; we are interested in different artistic expressions.

We would like the graphics to be informed by meeting with the Young Producers, in this way it is beneficial if you have experience of working collaboratively with young people, but not essential.

We will need the designs to be versatile in their usability, though will predominately be used online.


We are looking for the following to be created:

-Countdown icons to be used on social media

-Borders for live streaming videos

-Templates for social media posts

-Additional material in liaison with Winsford & Chester Young Producers and the chosen artist


We are the Cheshire Festival of Hope Producing Team, which comprises of Winsford & Chester Young Producers groups. We are a group of young people working on a “Festival of Hope” for Cheshire, with activity focused on Winsford and Chester. The festival will reflect on our heritage, as well as creating a message of hope.

We would like to work collaboratively with the artist to develop ideas, so that the commission accurately reflects us and our community.


The budget for this project is: £1000 (including expenses & dependent on experience).

The artist’s fee covers all work relating to the project, the artist will work on a self-employed basis.


Midday 9th July 2020

This project has a short turnaround, we will need something to be produced in a two week turnaround.

See HERE for more information and how to APPLY.