Studio and storage spaces available at The Well Studios on Roscoe Street, L1 
The Well has been a home to many artists from a variety of disciplines for over 10 years. We are situated on Roscoe Street, in the heart of the city.

We have a mix of private and shared studios/ storage spaces which are availible to rent.  Access is 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Priced between £70 and £120 per month depending on the space, the best option is to arrange to come and look around and see what space could suit your needs.

The rent includes Wi-Fi, all the utilities.

There is also a large communal area which can be used by members for short term projects, exhibitions and events. There is also a small kitchen.

We are exciting for people to be joining our diverse artist lead community!

Please give us a shout if interested:

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

The Well

2 Roscoe Street, Liverpool L1 2SX