Swansea Canal Artist in Residency, Addo

Deadline: Monday 5 October 2015. Paid.

Bursary: £12,000 for 6 months starting in November 2015

A collaborative project between the Arts Council of Wales, Glandŵr Cymru, the Canal & River Trust in Wales, and Addo. We are inviting applications from artists with an interest in architecture and history with a collaborative/participative approach to undertake a residency based on the Swansea Canal in Swansea. The Swansea Canal is no longer navigable with only short sections still in water.

Working with staff and volunteers from the relatively recently-formed Glandŵr Cymru to draw out and reflect upon the role of the arts in making connections within and outwith the organisation and its constituency, paying particular attention to how Glandŵr Cymru engages with local people e.g. through volunteering opportunities, community adoptions and non-waterway related visits. This is particularly pertinent at this site, which is one of many across the network which was formally abandoned but restored due to the efforts of local volunteers.

The proposal is therefore to engage an artist for a six-month period during October 2015 to May 2016 to work with Glandŵr Cymru staff and volunteers in order to investigate and understand how the need for conservation and preservation and to manage visitors can still contribute to the local economy, well-being, education and enjoyment of the canal system. The opportunity is part-time and we are able to negotiate concentrated block visits with those artists travelling from further afield.

A full artist’s brief can be downloaded from our website: