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St Luke’s Church expressions of interest sought, Liverpool City Council

Deadline: Monday 7 March 2016.

A SEARCH has started for an operator to run St Luke’s ‘bombed-out’ Church in Liverpool when it reopens at the end of the year following essential repairs.

It follows a consultation in 2015 which found that the majority of the 6,300 people who responded were supportive of limited development and events taking place at the site, which was bomb damaged during the blitz in 1941.

In return for a 21 year lease on a peppercorn rent, the successful applicant will have to demonstrate that they can run a financially viable programme of events with profits reinvested into the operation, maintenance and improvement of the site. They will also be required to allow public access to St Luke’s at no charge when events are not being held.

The new operator is expected to take over in December 2016 following completion of £500,000 of structural work, funded jointly by Historic England and Liverpool City Council. Crumbling high level stonework is being replaced and, over the coming months, there will also be repairs to the tower, lower level stonework and perimeter railings.

The Council are inviting expressions of interest from parties who wish to enter into a lease to occupy and operate St Luke’s Church and gardens.

The Council want to secure a long term, sustainable future for the church. To this end they  recently undertook a public consultation exercise and are currently joint funding a programme of structural works (in partnership with Historic England).

The appointment of a suitable leaseholder to occupy and operate the church and gardens will be the crucial final step to securing a sustainable future for St Luke’s.

How do I express an interest?
In the first instance, please email by 4pm on Monday 7th March to confirm that you will be submitting an expression of interest. You will then be invited to visit the premises during March 2016.

To then write your submission in full, please read the expressions of interest guidance document (via the link below). The guidance also gives details of the property and useful information for prospective leaseholders.

Download the full expression of interest guidance and the summary of particulars outlined in the guidance. You may also like to read the other useful documents posted at the bottom of the page here.

Once you have completed your submission, please send three hard copies and one electronic copy (either by email or on a CD) by 4pm on Friday 27th May 2016 to:

Mrs Melanie Lamb
Regeneration and Employment Directorate
Liverpool City Council
Cunard Building
Water Street
L3 1DS

What happens next?
The schedule below outlines the process we will follow.
– February: Expression of interest process opens.
– March 7th: Deadline for parties to confirm their intent to express an interest.
– March: Site visits for interested parties (dates and arrangements to be confirmed).
– April: Phase 2 works commence (eight months duration).
– May 27th: Deadline for submissions.
– June: Evaluation of submissions (including interviews if appropriate).
– July: Selection of successful submission.
– August: Lease signed and Open Space Notice published.
– November: Phase 2 complete.
– December: Re-opens to the public.

For full details, visit the Liverpool City Council website.