Short Film Commission, Hope Streets Festival

Short Film Commission, Hope Streets Festival

We would like to commission an artist to work with us and our community to create a new film reflecting the wider experience of contemporary heritage in Winsford.

We are particularly interested in reflecting on and documenting people’s experiences during lockdown and throughout the pandemic of Covid-19.

We are interested in documenting stories that would otherwise go undocumented and unseen.

We also want to bring people together to show that everyone is going through the same thing, bringing a message of hope by showing a universal experience.

The film will be shown on social media, on our own website and screened in the centre of Winsford town centre, in partnership with a community cinema window, “Cine Window”.


We are Winsford Young Producers. We are a group of young people working on a “Festival of Hope” for Winsford which will reflect on our heritage, as well as creating a message of hope.

 We would like to work collaboratively with the artist so that the commission accurately reflects our community. We will support through the gathering of materials from our community via social media.


The budget for this project is: £1,500-£2,500 (including expenses & dependent on experience).

The artist’s fee covers all work relating to the project, the artist will work on a self-employed basis.


 Midday 9th July 2020

See HERE for desirable experience and to apply.C