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Short Film Commission, Blackburn Museum & Art Gallery

Short Film Commission, Blackburn Museum & Art Gallery

The Brief:

We are seeking to appoint an artist/designer/producer/company that specialises in working with communities to make a short film for public display with a creative and artistic slant. The film will reflect the cohesive and contemporary communities found in Blackburn today, and will allow residents to show their own versions of Blackburn, differing from the recently aired Panorama documentary that labelled Blackburn as ‘segregated’ and the 2016 Casey Review Report which labelled Blackburn as ‘one of the most ethnically divided towns in the country’.


The main criteria for the film are as follows:

  • The research, content and production will be done by the artist/designer/producer/company in consultation with the museum
  • The film will be suitable for display in a public gallery and online
  • The film will be visually interesting and pleasing to visitors in the gallery and catch their attention, encouraging them to stop and watch
  • It will give an honest voice to all ages, and as many communities as possible in reflecting a range of experiences of living in the town
  • It could include archive photographs or archive film footage

Any design must take into account the need for permissions and consent from participants from the public, health and safety and copyright.


The work for the project should begin in March 2018, and be completed by August 2018.

To Apply

Please send the following to

  • A project proposal outlining why you/your company should be selected, and how you will approach the brief in no more than two A4 pages.
  • A copy of your CV
  • A brief project timeline and budget breakdown
  • Up to three examples of previous films/projects that you have been involved in


There is a budget of £5,000 for the film. This is to include all fees and expenses.