RSA Open Exhibition – Call to Artists

Deadline: Sunday 18 October 2015, 5pm

The RSA Open Exhibition has a long history of celebrating the best of contemporary practice. After having been part of the RSA Annual Exhibition for over 180 years, it now enjoys its own slot in the RSA Calendar. Drawing from artists across the whole of Scotland and beyond, this exhibition in the RSA’s Lower Galleries showcases a wide range of small and medium sized works (max. 80cm in any direction) selected through open submission and includes paintings, drawings, sculptures, prints and photographs.

Eagerly anticipated by artists from across the country, expect a diverse and exciting variety of works on show. With nearly 400 artworks on show each year, and the availability of the ever-popular Own Art scheme.

Artists may submit TWO works no larger than 80 cm in any one direction (outer frame size) in any medium.

All works submitted for exhibition are considered by the Council and Committee of Arrangements of the Royal Scottish Academy whose decision to accept or reject is final. No reproductions of any kind and no works that have already been exhibited at the RSA can be received without the express sanction of the Council. Applied art will not be accepted. No work made from ivory or in any way involving the use of ivory will be accepted.

All artists will need to register and complete the online application process at:


Applications must be completed before SUNDAY 18 OCTOBER 2015 @ 5PM . After this date, you will not be able to make changes to your online submission and new entries will not be allowed.

You can submit ONE image per work. Please ensure that you include good quality images that will do justice to your work and that adhere to the specifications noted on the website. We recommend JPG files of about 800 pixels wide and 1MB in size.

A Registration and Handling Fee (inclusive of VAT) is required for each work: Students £6 per work / Artists £10 per work or £18 for two works. Payment can be made online with a Paypal Account or by credit/debit card.

A number of works will be pre-selected online by the RSA Hanging and Selection Committee in advance of the hand in day. Artists will be able to log into their online account and view which works have been selected for the exhibition after Monday 26 October 2015 – please remember your log in details! Pre-Selected artists are then invited to deliver their works to the RSA. Artists are not allowed to hand in different or substitute works to those that have been pre-selected.

There will be a final selection of works in the gallery after hand-in. Artists will be sent an email notification after Wednesday 18 November 2015 to confirm whether or not their work is in the exhibition. If your work is not selected for the exhibition, please make sure you are able to arrange for the uplift of your works on Saturday 21 & Sunday 22 November, 10-4.30pm.

Online Registration deadline – Sunday 18 October 2015@ 5pm
Pre-Selection announced – Monday 26 October 2015
Hand-in of works – Friday 13 & Saturday 14 November 2015, 10am – 4.30pm
Final selection announced – Wednesday 18 November 2015
Collect unselected works – Saturday 21 & Sunday 22 November 2015, 10am – 4.30pm
Opening Reception – Friday 27 November 2015
Exhibition closes – Sunday 14 February 2016
Collect unsold work – Friday 19 & Saturday 20 February 2016

For further details, visit the website.