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Project – War Memorial Art Gallery: Exhibition and Access Programme

War Memorial Art Gallery: Exhibition and Access Programme
Fee: Up to £15,000
Delivery Period: June – November 2018
Closing Date: Friday 25th May 2018

Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery is the only art gallery in England which was built in memory of the fallen of World War 1 by public subscription. The people of Stockport created a unique and beautiful space where they could remember those in their town who had given their lives and also experience the healing power of art and culture after the horrors of war.

Stockport Council wants to stage an exhibition and programme which tells the story of this building and encourages all parts of the community to visit, explore and appreciate its significance. The exhibition will also highlight unusual memorials and tell the stories of other memorials in Stockport, including war memorials, parks and facilities dedicated to the memory of the fallen. As part of the project, it is anticipated that a map will be created so people can explore the memorials in the Borough and other sites connected with World War I.

Stockport Council is looking for a suitably qualified individual or organisation to manage and deliver the project working with museums staff. The successful bidder will pull together the team’s ideas and research into a coherent exhibition, related materials and an access programme for them to deliver to members of the public. The outputs will include:

  • Exhibition about the war memorial and memorialisation produced and designed by September 2018 for installation in early November 2018, based on research by museums staff
  • Self-guided tours for visitors and school groups to explore the War Memorial Art Gallery and understand the significance of different features within the building to be delivered by September 2018.
  • A map/trail showing sites in Stockport connected with World War I, detailing their history and role played, to be delivered by September 2018


Key skills and experience required to deliver the brief are:

  1. Demonstrable experience of carrying out research to inform exhibitions
  2. Demonstrable experience of curating engaging exhibitions and displays
  3. Experience of writing interesting and engaging materials and text panels
  4. Experience of designing interesting and engaging materials and text panels

For more information see the Project Brief.