Pacificstream seeks artists for Creative Europe project – Artcycling

This Creative Europe project seeks to facilitate access to professional opportunities to artists from underrepresented groups, especially with disabilities.

Artcycling Coop project will enable European artists, between the ages of 18 and 55, to enter/re-enter the labour market with confidence and independence armed with a fresh and innovative set of skills that they will acquire through the upcycle project.

The project will test a new business model creating a transnational cooperative or art-cyclers, the innovation of such new business come from the mix:
New technologies + Wasted materials + Traditional handcraft + Social and environmental responsibility

Specific Objectives of the Project

    • Create a professional opportunity for European artists with disabilities.
      • Enable artists with disabilities to operate transnationally.
      • Fight against stigma and discrimination.
      • Promote social and environmental responsibility in art creation.
      • Provoke critical thinking on environmental and social issues through art creation.

Target Group
Artcyclers: European Artists with disabilities in upcycling and/or decorative arts.

The Offer
By joining this Creative Europe project you will have the opportunity to be involved with the following:

1. Workshops and labs including transnational meetings

2. Cultural awareness and the use of upcycling , collecting materials and ideas

3. Skills development workshops with local crafts people/artists

4. ICT programme in 3D design and website production

5. 6 month course in social entrepreneurship

6. Art-cycling production of products, and decorative works

7. Showroom opportunities to sell work in Liverpool and Hungary

8. On-line promotion including, website, e-Portfolio, on-line shop & catalogue

9. Business start-up opportunities with training

10. Transnational cooperation and skill sharing

11. Branding through European Artcycling newsletter, press releases & online dissemination

12. European networking and visits

Intras Foundation – Spain
Cultura 21 Nordic – Denmark
Pacificstream – United Kingdom
Retextil Foundation – Hungary

Please Contact for Information
Roy Jones: