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Open Eye Gallery: Exhibition Submissions for Open 2 and Open 3

Deadline: One of the following: 31 January, 30 April, 31 July or 31 October.

Open Eye Gallery is open to receiving exhibition proposals from artists and curators. We welcome artists from any stage of their career to share their ideas with us; we are always interested to hear about your work and new projects.

With the support of the Brian Mercer Charitable Trust we are proud to present a series of three annual exhibitions to show the most compelling work received through our on-going call for Exhibition Submissions. We are particularly interested in receiving work from early career and emerging photographers based in the North West of England. Open provides a platform for displaying new work, particularly from emerging practitioners, and a forum for discussion thanks to a rich programme of public events unfolding throughout the duration of the exhibition.

For the first exhibition in the series, titled Open 1 (2015), Open Eye Gallery’s curatorial team selected six artists whose work is thematically grouped around ideas of social portraiture. For Open 2 and Open 3 we are particularly keen to receive submissions from emerging practitioners with interesting projects that would benefit from the support of our staff and gallery

Open 2 will be exhibited in 2016.

Open 3 will be exhibited in 2017.

Please be aware of the following:

–   As we are part of broad networks of curators and galleries operating internationally, it is possible that we shall pass information on about artists we meet as appropriate for other opportunities.

–   The Open Eye Gallery Programme Team meet four times a year to review submissions. Please make sure that your submission meets one of the following deadlines: 31st January, 30th April, 31st July or 31st October.

Please download the Word version of our submission guidelines from our website.

For further information about the galleries dimensions, the tech available and images of the spaces please download the Exhibition Submissions Pack from our website.