Open Call for Expressions of Interest – Plas Bodfa, Llangoed, Anglesea

Open Call for Expressions of Interest
artists, musicians, performers, creatives
April 13-28th, 2019
Proposals due Feb 18, 2019 
(please email for application information)

A multi-disciplinary group art exhibition exploring the idea of ‘sui generis’: works that go beyond conventional genre boundaries. Sui Generis is a Latin phrase meaning “of its (his, her, their) own kind; in a class by itself; unique. It has been adopted by the legal profession for unusual buildings, properties that fall outside normal designation.

The exhibition takes place in Plas Bodfa, a currently empty manor house in Llangoed on the Isle of Anglesey. The walls of Plas Bodfa were built to contain a domestic dwelling, an interior space in which people lived their lives. Then their meaning changed. They contained a restaurant ‘with rooms’, and then a residential care home, then a tapestry kit company complete with a gift shop and tea room. Finally, the walls contained nothing, the house has been empty for the last ten years, until artist Julie Upmeyer and her husband Jonathan Lewis bought the property last year.

Many people in the local and wider community have direct experience and memories of Plas Bodfa during its long and varied history. This exhibition is a celebration of its past and a one-time opportunity to fill the currently vacant 36 room / 1,000 square metre space with creative acts, before our renovations begin. Plas Bodfa will eventually be home to art studios, an artist residency program, performances, events, retreats, a family home, and cultural projects of all kinds.

We want to invite local and international contemporary artists, musicians and creatives to create work for this empty house. The invited artists will respond to the exhibition themes and to the house itself with visual art, installation, performance, video and sound. The exhibition will coincide with Anglesey Arts Weeks : Open Studios and Galleries 2019.

Exhibition Key Words:
– Walls
– Commercial / domestic space
– Past lives
– One of a kind
– Form following function
– Function following form
– New life

Practical Information

– Any room of the house will be available for use, with the exception of the attic. Please see the ‘Sui Generis’ dropbox folder for images.
– Your work can be for sale, but we are unable to facilitate any sales. We will print a price-list with your contact information listed and will direct any potential buyers to your details. For this service we except 0% commission 😉 Please don’t expect any sales, we are new to the area and have no special connection to local collectors or institutions.
– We can help you with installation
– The house is a shell. It does not have heat, working toilets or working electrical sockets. We will be renting an outside toilet and will be rigging electrics when necessary for projections, lighting or any of the artworks. We will have an oil heater available for the main ground floor space, but we will not be heating the whole house.
– We are currently operating at zero budget and will unfortunately not be able to support the production of proposed works.

If you are interested, please send an email to Julie at to receive the full exhibition information and how to submit a proposal.