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Open Call: Be part of LightNight 2021

Open Culture is looking for proposals to form next year’s festival programme and showcase the city’s world-class arts offer to a diverse audience from across the North West and beyond.

Our theme for 2021 will be Play. As we begin to process the shockwaves of a global catastrophe, LightNight 2021 hopes to find respite as we explore how Play can offer a space to create, re-imagine and find novel solutions.

We work with everyone to create LightNight, from major arts venues and artists to studios, collectives, and community groups from across Merseyside. If you’re interested in presenting work for LightNight, whether virtually online or through live events we’re keen to hear from you.

This open call has two strands:

In-kind Programming & Late Openings (Closes: 17 Dec 2020)
Paid Artist Commissions (Closes: 6 Dec 2020)

Download the 2021 Open Call

Open Consultation Days

On 18 & 19 November 2020 we’re all yours! Whether you’re interested in being part of LightNight, want to give us your ideas or feedback, or just fancy a quick catch up you can book in a time to chat with us.

Please get in touch via with the times you are available (and your preference for a phone call or video chat) and we’ll get you booked in.

Paid Artist

Closing date: 6 Dec 2020

We’re looking to commission 2-4 new works by artists or arts collectives living/working in the UK for next year’s festival. We’re looking for engaging proposals that explore the theme of ‘Play’ across any artform with an option to present online.

If you are interested in submitting, please read the brief and email us your proposal.

In-kind Programming
& Late Openings

Closing date: 17 Dec 2020

Arts and heritage organisations, artists, community groups and other creatives are invited to propose special events and activities (physical or virtual) that explore the theme to be part of LightNight.

Interested? Please read the brief here and then submit your proposal via the online form by the closing date.

2021 Theme: Play

As adults we often consign playtime to the domain of children; but play is a rather more serious endeavour than it first appears. Playfulness is not just essential to life, but to the creation of art. It is the medium in which great discoveries and advances in human achievement can be made. It is the method of the maker, the artist and the tinkerer. It is the tool of the scientist, the inner child, and the ‘fool’…

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