Open Call: Aintree Hospital Organ Donation Artwork

PARTIA (Promoting Art in Aintree) is Aintree hospital’s art department. We currently have an opportunity for a sculpture or installation artist to work with the critical care unit to create an artwork to say thank you to all of the organ donors and their families who have consented to organ donation.

The unit is looking for a site specific colourful work with three dimensional aspects in materials such as metal, wood, glass or acrylic that can be fixed to walls. The space also has a skylight which we are keen for the artwork to extend up to. There is a budget of £5000 available to cover artwork and installation. This opportunity is open to both new and established artists.

Ideas from staff on the unit include but are not limited to:
– A large tree with different coloured leaves
– Colourful butterflies
– A Japanese blossom tree (signifies life, death & renewal)
– Anything nature related – incorporating trees with birds & butterflies

For examples of organ donation artworks in other hospitals please visit

To apply for this opportunity, email with ‘Organ Donation Art’ as the subject to request an application form.

Please take into consideration that this work must be completed by the Friday the 23rd of August. The deadline for applications is Wednesday 12th June 2019, if you have any queries or require further information please email