Mountain Language – Cast Call – Liverpool Arts Lab

he Liverpool Arts Lab is putting together a production of Harold Pinter’s ‘Mountain Language’ in Liverpool 8’s Florrie at the end of May.

We’ve already assembled a lot of the cast for our forthcoming production but there are still three available roles. We’re also keen to collaborate with stage crew, technicians or anyone else who wants to get involved in a collaborative creative process.

Part of the Arts Lab ethos is that we work with everyone, from complete beginners to experienced professionals. As with all our events and capers, the money made will be reinvested back into the Arts Lab, with everyone working on good will.

The production will take place on Tuesday 29th/Thursday 31st May and there will be pre-production rehearsals, 6-9pm weekly on Tuesdays beginning 17th April. Full commitment is essential for all cast, stage crew and technical roles; so, interested parties would need to be available on Tuesday evenings.

For further details about any of the available roles, or to express an interest in any other aspect of the production get in touch with