Metal: Remote Residencies – Open Call

Remote Residencies:
Open Call

Three deadlines: 15 May / 12 June / 10 July 2020



In response to the impact felt by many freelance artists and creative practitioners as a result of the Covid-19 global health crisis, Metal has reframed our usual, annual Programme of Artists in Residence to create 18 new Remote Residencies – on offer to our local creative communities in Liverpool, Peterborough and Southend-on-Sea.  Each residency has a stipend of £1000.

Over the next three months, we will have three rounds of Remote Residency awards, as follows:-


Round One: 

Residency in June 2020:  Deadline 15 May

6 residencies awarded

Open Now – Apply Here

Round Two:

Residency in July 2020:  Deadline 12 June

6 residencies awarded

Opens – Sat 16 May

Round Three:

Residency in Aug 2020: Deadline 10 July

6 residencies awarded

Opens – Sat 13 June

Aims of these Remote Residencies

  • To support artists to develop and strengthen their practice
  • To work with artists to help amplify their voice through their work
  • To respond to the Covid-19 health emergency to enable artistic development to continue, particularly in our immediate local communities
  • To focus our available resources within our local creative communities – but with an eye on the national and global possibilities of collaboration offered through remote working and our networks
  • To support diverse voices from a range of artistic disciplines and social backgrounds, with unique perspectives to share

What is the offer?

A remote residency allows you to continue to work from your own home or studio but access the staff support, networks and resources available from Metal.

The Metal team will provide a month of support for your practice, which can be for any of the following:-

  • to help develop and move forward a project idea – this can be something that you have already begun; or was in motion but has lost its funding due to the current Covid-19 situation; or is an idea you’ve been hatching for a while but now is the time to focus on some R&D.
  • to focus on development time – time to explore your practice, trial new approaches to creating work, undertake some training and professional development
  • or it could be for something entirely practical to support your creative economic life – e.g. support with researching new market opportunities, business planning, budget forecasts and/or expanding your creative networks.

Please note:  

Metal works with artists working in all artistic disciplines.

We will ask you to think about why the support of Metal is important to you at this time and in the development of your practice/idea

Our selection will focus on those artists who feel there is a genuine rationale for working alongside Metal.

These Remote Residencies do not have to be about technology. They can also be about analogue approaches.  By Remote – we mean that our support and your work will all be done whilst respecting social isolation rules and staying at home.  Your ideas do not necessarily have to take place in a digital way.

The Fee

Each residency has a fee of £1000 payable in two parts:-

  • £500 on award and signing of Remote Residency Contract.
  • £500 on completion of the Remote Residency.

What resources can we offer?

Outside of the physical spaces within our buildings in Liverpool, Peterborough and Southend there are a lot of resources that Metal can offer.

Our staff team across all three sites have a wide range of experience and expertise – from discipline specific specialisms, connecting to communities, building participatory projects –  to project management, creating timelines, budgets and raising funds.  Each artist in remote residence will be matched with a lead Metal staff member who best matches the aims set out in their application.  From this starting point, we can respond to and support your needs across the month – signposting and introducing to other organisations and resources where appropriate.

Opportunities to connect you to our networks of partners, communities, experts in various areas of interest (from bird-watching,  mudlarking, environment science to social politics, activism, heritage, urban development and everything in between).   With the caveat and understanding that many of these partners and organisations may themselves be experiencing challenging circumstances which might limit their capacity for engagement.

We have a broad set of opportunities and platforms to share and amplify your work, including (but not limited to):-

  • our website has a specific Artists Blog facility for those interested in keeping and sharing a record of their remote residency
  • We have a combined digital audience of 30,000+ through our social media channels
  • A new programme of commissioned Future Network Shorts (10 minute multi-platform takeovers) has been developed by our team of Metal Project Managers and offers our social media platforms (and other analogue communication channels – e.g. post) for short artistic expression by our resident artists and others.

What do we expect in return?

  • We expect you to make the most of the offer – and be in regular touch.
  • We expect an exchange of expertise and conversation – this is about building a relationship
  • We do not expect a fully finished project – this is about supporting you as an artist move forwards.
  • We expect you to provide us with a biog and images to share on our website as an artist-in-residence
  • An opportunity to share your ideas and research with the full Metal team as part of our own staff CPD during this time of lockdown.
  • We expect you to take up at least one opportunity for sharing work/ideas via our communication channels.  Examples might include (but not limited to):-
    • An Artists Blog to share on our website
    • A 10 Minute Takeover
    • A virtual artists talk / or workshop
    • An interview conducted by one of our staff team – to share via our enewsletter
    • Or other response more appropriate to your practise – we are open to suggestions

Criteria to Apply

In this particular instance, we have taken the decision to focus our resources on artists within our own immediate artistic communities.  So, to apply for this opportunity you will need to be living in either:-

  • Peterborough
  • Liverpool City Region
  • Southend-on-Sea Borough

Other Criteria:

  • Artists working in any artistic discipline can apply
  • We are particularly interested in receiving applications from artists with an interest in participation and socially engaged practice, from diverse backgrounds, with unique personal perspectives to offer.
  • You must have evidence of being a practising artist with at least 3 years experience of creating work (can include years in formal education)
  • A clear rationale for why the support of Metal is important to you at this time and in the development of your practice/idea
  • Evidence that you are prepared to commit the time necessary to the process and to ensure that the opportunity is made full use of
  • We are keen that this opportunity is used by the artists to learn and stretch their practice, and this learning is, where possible, shared.
  • Prepared to make one contribution to Metal’s programme through the communication channels available to us at this time that is most appropriate to your practice and area of interest.
  • We welcome applications from individuals, collectives, micro organisations, or groups working in collaboration.

As part of our commitment to all artists during this time (if welcomed by you) we will provide feedback on all unsuccessful applications – as this can also be incredibly useful for development and learning.  Should you wish to receive this, there is a space on the application form to indicate this.

How to Apply

Complete the application form answering the following:

  • A brief description on how you will use this opportunity; how it will develop your practice; and what relevant help you think Metal can provide (no more than 500 words)
  • A biography with relevant previous work Please include links to relevant websites and social media/media (no more than 500 words)
  • Attach a CV (optional)

Deadlines for Submission

  • Round One:  Residency in June 2020:  Deadline 15 May – 6 residencies awarded
  • Round Two:  Residency in July 2020:  Deadline 12 June – 6 residencies awarded
  • Round Three:  Residency in Aug 2020: Deadline 10 July – 6 residencies awarded

Notification: Applicants will hear if they have been successful one week after the deadline.

Feedback:  Feedback (if requested) will be delivered within one month of each deadline.

Criteria for Selection:-
A cross-site team from Metal will select successful applicants based on how applicants meet the Commissioning criteria outlined above.

Thank you to our funders

The funding for these residencies comes from our Arts Council England NPO funding with additional support from our local authorities in Liverpool, Peterborough and Southend-on-Sea.