MDI Design Brief for Leap 2017

MDI Design Brief for Leap 2017

MDI Design Brief for Leap 2017
MDI is a strategic dance development organisation situated in Liverpool. We develop dance as an art form and as transformational community practice.

MDI has a history of developing dance work that is inspirational and transformational and is looking for the right company to create our Leap Festival Brochure and other branding associated with it.

We require designer with an in-depth understanding of how to best reach our audience through marketing and digital design.

About MDI
MDI (Merseyside Dance Initiative) is a charity and one of the UK’s leading strategic dance and multi award-winning organisation, and multi award-winning organisation whose mission is “inspiring people through dance”.

MDI uses dance to transform people’s lives; be they artists, participants or audiences. It is MDI’s ambition to create the best environment and right conditions for artists and their dance work to flourish so that more dance is being produced in the region that is excellent enough to export to the rest of the UK and internationally.

Re-branding in 2013, MDI has become a brand in its own right, and connected across the national and European dance sector through such successes as:
• 18 consecutive Leap dance festivals 1992-2009
• British Dance Edition (2008),
• Year of Dance producer in Liverpool in (2010)
• Event producer for Decibel Performing Arts Showcase, Manchester (2011)
• NW hub lead for Big Dance (2012)
• Dance Ambassador for Liverpool PCT and Decade of Wellbeing (2010-2020)
• Produced a celebration of 21 years of Leap (2013)
• Secured actress Sunetra Sarker as our patron celebrating our 21st year as an organization (2014).
• Developing Leap as an international biennial event (2013)
• Delivered a number of successful projects with various health partners (2012-2016)

About Leap
Leap is MDI’s festival of world class dance that we have been programming and creating since 1992. We have developed a bold and ambitious plan to programme Leap 2017 at a new temporary ‘pop-up’ venue in the heart of Liverpool’s creative docklands. LEAP is an international dance festival for Liverpool in the heart of the City; bringing together the community, and celebrating excellence in dance by presenting new work by companies based locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. A biennial event since 2013, Leap will return to an annual format post-2017. We focus on diversity in our art-form, and encourage participation by offering a programme of high quality performances, workshops and talks from local and visiting artists. This new project, for which we are seeking funding, will transform a warehouse into a vibrant family-friendly temporary venue that will form a hub for artists and audiences alike for the two-week-long festival.

Leap 2017 will shine a light on dance, on the city, bring it out of the shadows, have it seen, make it visible and demonstrate that actually, yes, Liverpool is a dance destination.

The theme of Leap 2017 is Camouflage – Seen and Unseen. Liverpool is a vibrant cultural city full of art and fast becoming a major tourist destination outside of London and with great patronage for music, theatre and visual art. However dance in the city remains, to a large extent, invisible. Leap 2017 will beat the drum for dance in our region and shine a light on the dance sector, on the city, and bring it out of the shadows. We’ll make dance seen, make it more visible to visitors and residents alike, and demonstrate that Liverpool is a genuine dance destination. We’ll explore individual and collective identity: how we choose what to see and what to show. How much do we own what we show? We want to explore on a larger scale what it might mean for a city, a region, or a country to be unseen. How are we perceived as a result of where we are? Where is our home? We especially want to explore displacement as a kind of invisibility. Can being invisible be a positive thing, by creating an unexpected place in which we might perform – dance – differently? What occurs when you spend too much time being invisible? Creating Leap 2017, and our longer term vision of a dance venue for Liverpool is all about being noticed, creating a scene, a thriving – and visible – community for dance.
The festival will focus on:
• Celebrating diversity and promoting internationalism
• Producing a distinctive high quality diverse dance programme
• Engaging a new audience for dance in Liverpool, especially from harder to reach and minority groups.
• Inspiring artists and audiences throughout the North West as we deliver artistic excellence that expresses the radical and diverse nature of Liverpool and the City Region

The brief
To produce and design the branding for Leap 2017 reflecting what is outlined above and create and print the brochure.

Looking for a brand that conveys the celebratory aspect of Leap 2017 (its 25th anniversary); the diversity and provocation of the programme and the industrial aspect of where its placed

Audience Demographic
• Young people
• BME Communities
• Older people
• North Liverpool Residents
• Students – predominantly dance and performing arts students

Branding specification
New Logo
A3 posters
A5 leaflets
Street size posters
Digital /online material – this will include web banners and social media assets.

£5000 (includes the print costs of 20,000 brochure copies)

• New Branding for festival and brochure design to be completed

by 11th January 2017
• Brochure completed by 16th January 2017
• Brochure printed 22nd January 2017

To apply for this tender, please send a proposal including

• timeplan
• methodology/how you would approach the delivery of this work
• your budget plan
• your CV
• example of previous design work

Proposal deadline – 18th December 5pm

Send proposal to with the subject line ‘LEAP 2017 design brief’

Links for reference

MDI has a design toolkit for fonts etc and logos, this will be made available if successful.

Contact and further questions