Marginal Activist Programme, Comics Youth

The problem

Young people across the UK feel unheard and unrepresented in society with those from the most disadvantaged backgrounds feeling least able to challenge the problems they see, despite being at the blunt end of most political decisions. Not having a voice can have a dangerous impact on their confidence and aspirations, leading them down a path of apathy and alienation.

The Solution

The Marginal Activist programme exists to give young people that voice.

The programme is a youth movement working to unleash the power of young people to create a more fair, just and equal society. We are on a mission to create a new generation of social-change leaders, supporting young people to tackle the biggest challenges of the 21st century-from gender equality to mental health. We envisage a society in which young people are active citizens, meaningfully participating in their communities, and effectively challenging systemic injustice to create a better tomorrow.

Through the Marginal Activist programme, we will support young leaders in Liverpool with experience of inequality and injustice, to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to channel their anger and frustration into realising the change they want to see in their communities. Young people will be supported to participate in a six-month crash course in democratic engagement, engaging in over 100 hours of activities, workshops and campaigning. They will experience what it takes to lead system-level change by lobbying in council chambers and Parliament, running grassroot campaigns and building broad-based alliances.  Young people will also have the opportunity to curate and design a exhibition within the houses of parliament and Tate Modern.



There are 15 places available for this programme and we are kindly asking for schools, colleges and youth services to nominate aspiring young changemakers aged 14-18 to take part in the programme which will begin on the 19th of June at Comics Youth HQ (Fourth Floor, 76-78 Lord Street, L21TA). To nominate a young person, or a group of young people, please get in contact  or ring 07525369624 to arrange a set-up meeting. We are also happy to deliver a bespoke presentation at your setting regarding the Activist programme.