Landscape Art Commissions 2018, Morecambe Bay Partnership

Landscape Art Commissions 2018, Morecambe Bay Partnership

Morecambe Bay Partnership (MBP) wishes to commission a number of artistic works inspired by Morecambe Bay’s unique heritage and landscape.

The Landscape Art Commissions are part of ‘Headlands to Headspace’ (H2H) – MBP’s Landscape Partnership Scheme funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. The contract is to be let by MBP / Cumbria County Council.

MBP is a small charity that makes big things happen – working to bring benefits to the communities, heritage and environment around the Bay. H2H is a major MBP initiative – through a portfolio of projects the outstanding significance of the Bay’s heritage is explored, cherished and given contemporary resonance.

Morecambe Bay is like nowhere else in the UK. It’s as invigorating as it is calming, with spectacular natural beauty and a fascinating heritage.The brief calls for proposals for new artworks or creative projects that use, celebrate, engage with and interpret the Bay’s landscape and heritage, either on a temporary or permanent basis. The commissions will be a series of major new works and should encourage people to visit and engage with the heritage of Morecambe Bay through the creation of contemporary artworks inspired by the heritage of the land, sea and people. They may be physical artworks or public art but equally may be of other art forms.

Engagement: Morecambe Bay is a landscape shaped by its people and traditions therefore artistic proposals should be inspired by the heritage and communities of the Bay.


Sites: We have identified sites with potential for artistic intervention within the project’s footprint (Cockerham to Walney Island) –  Heysham Head, Arnside Knott and Birkrigg Common – which we are keen to animate through the siting of works and/or as inspiration points.

Timescale: Works installed June – October 2018

Budgets: 3 commission categories –

  • Up to £30,000
  • Between £30,00 to £60,000
  • Between £60,000 to £90,000

Submission Deadline: Monday 30th October, 10am

Contact the Producer, Elena Gifford for the Artist Brief