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Inspired by Nature Creative Commission for Interventional Work, Derby Museums

Deadline: 11am on Friday 16 October 2015.

Derby Museums are seeking a creative partner to co-design, develop and deliver a decorative interventional piece in our gorgeous ‘Inspired by Nature gallery’ at Derby Museum and Art Gallery.

Our newly refurbished space showcases a diverse decorative art collection in an elegant wall based display. It explores the role that nature plays as a source of inspiration for artists and designers and our innate human desire to adorn ourselves and our homes with natural motifs and patterns.

At Derby Museums our interpretive approach is open, playful, experimental and emotive. In the ‘Inspired by Nature’ gallery we have explored the themes and stories that our visitors requested in a formative dialogue phase and this helped to shape the design and interpretation of the new gallery. We would like the coproduced commission to be developed with visitors and the process of the commissioned piece to be evident from concept to completion within the space.

We’ve been influenced by the creative possibilities of our collection in engaging people’s ‘heads, hearts and hands’ and hope that you will be too.

For more information, please download the commission document here.

Andrea Hadley-Johnson at Derby Museum and Art Gallery
The Strand