Funka Fest, Ecuador, Call for visual artists

The Funka Fest Organization invites to the fourth edition of the Funka Fest Arts Festival, which will be held in Ecuador, in the city of Guayaquil, on June 29th and 30th, 2019.

The Funka Fest Arts Festival seeks to promote the professionalization of the artistic practice and broadens the cultural offer, stimulating the circulation of contemporary art and the creation of new audiences. It is also intended to highlight the current trend towards the interdisciplinarity in the art field, articulating heterogeneous proposals around one theme line.

The Call for Visual Arts hosts finished artworks and projects, from national and foreing creators. The axis of reflection for the Funka Fest fourth edition is the verb “inhabit”, therefore, all proposals must address to any of the meanings, interpretations or reflections on this theme line.

The Call for Visual Arts will remain open until March 15th, 2019. Extemporaneous proposals will not be reviewed.


·All national and foreign artists over twenty-one (21) years old, evidencing a reputable and committed artistic career, may participate.
·Participation may be individual or as a collective.
·Officials of the Municipality of Guayaquil, organizers, operators and/or partners of the Funka Fest Organization, may not participate.


· One (1) proposal per participant, will be accepted.
· Proposals free of technique, duration and/or dimensions will be accepted.
· Ephemeral, installative and/or interventional proposals, will be accepted.
· Proposals previously exhibited, will be accepted.
· The projects should be able to be executed within a maximum of thirty (30) days and installed in situ in a maximum period of three (3) days.


In order to apply, participants must complete the online application found in the website

The following information will be requested:
1. Contact information (phone, address and email).
2. Updated resume.
3. Portfolio as a .PDF document that includes images and links of at least four (4) previous artworks with their respective technical specifications and conceptual synthesis.
4. ID or passport scans of each member.
5. Proposal’s technical specifications (title, author, technique, dimensions, medium, length, year).
6. Conceptual synthesis or statement of intent which explains it relationship with the theme line of Funka Fest fourth edition. Maximum of three thousand (3.000) characters.
7. Assembly specifications (if necessary).
8. Three (3) images of the proposal in .JPG or .TIFF format. In case of submitting a project, applicants must send drawings, sketches, simulations, renders or any other material to imagine and evaluate the final piece.

· Note that the applicant must create an account in the “Calls for Artists” section and may complete the application by signing in as many times as necessary before the deadline.  The application must be completed entirely. If the application is incomplete and is not sent by the deadline, it will not be taken into account.


· The curator must select viable, consistent and relevant proposals in terms of concept, context and creation process.
· The curator will act with full autonomy and his choice will be final.


· The Funka Fest Organization will notify selected artists through an email, in which all their technical needs will be established.
· Selected artists will be part of the Funka Fest Platform and shall allow its managers to promote their image and presented proposal.


· The maximum amount allocated to each selected proposal by the concept of artist ́s fee and production costs, rises up to USD $1,000 taxes included.
· Depending on the nature and complexity of each proposal, the Funka Fest Organization along with the curator, will determine the amount to be allocated, establishing a schedule of audits and expeditures for projects.
· The Funka Fest Organization will provide local transportation and accommodation in Guayaquil for the artists coming from other countries or cities of Ecuador.


· The assembly will take place from June 25th to 27th, 2019.
· Selected artists must contribute to the assembly of their artworks.
· Artworks’ transfer to and from the festival must be carried out by selected artists.


· All selected artists will sign a contract in order to comply with the terms and conditions established by the Funka Fest Organization.
· All selected artists grant permission to the Funka Fest Organization to reproduce and publish images and videos of the proposals, with academic and cultural media outreach purposes, prior and after Funka Fest 2019 edition.
· All selected artists authorize the Funka Fest Organization, so that the material presented at the event could be recorded for the development and dissemination of the Funka Fest collective memory.
· The Funka Fest Organization reserves it right to record, photograph and broadcast images of the proposals through the media.
· All selected artists, by participating, accept each and every one of the conditions and rules, and waive any judicial, administrative, arbitrary or extrajudicial action against the organizers, the committee and any natural or legal person, directly or indirectly related to the organization, planning and execution of the Funka Fest Arts Festival 2019 edition.

All concerns will be answered by writing to the email: