Friday, September 29, 2023
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FUNDING: Creative Europe funding

Creative Europe funding

Cultural organisations can still bid for Creative Europe funding – now and possibly after the UK has left the EU. Within the Culture sub-programme, 70% of the funding goes towards Cooperation Projects: transnational collaborative projects involving partners from creative or cultural organisations in three or more countries. The UK is currently the most partnered country out of nearly 40, showing how well networked our world-class creative talent is. Christoph Jankowski, Head of Culture, England and Culture Advisor at Creative Europe Desk UK explains why you should continue to consider applying for funding in an article here @ArtsProfessional.  They will update guidance as soon as any further information becomes available. For updates, please sign up to our newsletter.

Creative Europe’s services to the UK’s creative professionals continue as usual and prospective applicants to Creative Europe are encouraged to get in touch with them for advice and join them in forthcoming events.