Festival 31 Micro-commissions

Festival 31 Micro-commissions

F31 is coordinated by SOLA ARTS in partnership with all contributing organisations and individuals. SOLA has partnered with Culture Liverpool, and Everyman & Playhouse to bring the festival onto a digital platform this year and inform the development of the programme in the next few years.

We are inviting you, as Festival 31 artists, arts organisations and supporters to respond to the theme of ‘Creative Connections and an exploration of what ‘31’ can be, 31 days, 31 connections, 31 hours, 31 thoughts, 31 people, 31 countries, 31 smiles, 31 questions…Anything from a virtual meal, sharing recipes from where people of Liverpool’s refugee communities originate, to poetry and spoken word performances, dance, video, sound, comedy or music, through to artists wanting to collaborate with people from displaced and settled communities in the region to create something wonderful together. We are offering micro-grants of £300 for 10 commissions which will be showcased online during Refugee Week itself, 15th – 21st June.

We acknowledge the fee is small so we’re not expecting miracles or days and days’ worth of work. We just want to give you the opportunity to express yourself as a Festival 31 artist. We welcome proposals from individual artists, arts organisations, artists from refugee backgrounds and emerging artists. We simply ask that you ensure safety of yourself and those taking part in the delivery of the activity.

All commissions will be shared online on the Culture Liverpool website and via social media as well as by SOLA Arts. They must be family friendly. All pieces will be collated on the SOLA Arts website as a record of this time.

The Festival 31 showcase week will be week commencing 15 June 2020.

Funding for micro-commissions provided by Culture Liverpool and Our Liverpool, Liverpool City Council and from the Estate of the late Fanchon Frohlich.

How to apply:

We want to keep this simple…email cultureliverpool@liverpool.gov.uk with

  • your proposal in a maximum of 300 words including title and information on final format of piece (see below for technical info). You can submit your proposal in whatever format you are more comfortable with e.g. video
  • send your proposal to us by 8.30am on Friday 22nd May
  • All submissions to be sent to cultureliverpool@liverpool.gov.uk 
  • We will let you know if you have been selected or not by close of play on Friday 22nd May
  • all commissioned artwork needs to be submitted by Friday 5th June unless live online performance
  • image to accompany your commission: landscape, jpeg, no copyright issues, image credit if needed
  • a short biography and an image of yourself for the website
  • any relevant links to your own social media channels or website
  • your email address and telephone number

Criteria for selection:

  • This support is open to individual artists, arts organisations, artists from refugee backgrounds and emerging artists.
  • If selected we will pay your fee upfront upon submission of your invoice
  • You must live in the Merseyside area

Final Artform Specifications:

Any images must be landscape, jpeg and for online quality. Remember that formats for social media need to be maximum of 2mins 20s. Films can be uploaded to your own youtube channels or provided to Culture Liverpool as mp4 files.

YouTube Specs:

Recommended sizes: Minimum of 1280 x 720 pixels (16:9) or 640 x 480 pixels pixels (4:3) is recommended.

Minimum size: 426 by 240 pixels

Maximum size: 3840 by 2160 pixels

Supported aspect ratios: 16:9 and 4:3

Recommended specs: .MOV, .MPEG4, MP4, .AVI, .WMV, .MPEGPS, .FLV, 3GPP, or WebM, maximum file size 128GB, maximum 12 hours long

Tips: YouTube encourages its users to upload videos that are “as close to the original, high quality source format as possible.” Videos should be uploaded in their native aspect ratios, and should never include letterboxing or pillar-boxing bars, since YouTube “automatically frames videos to ensure that they are displayed correctly, without cropping or stretching, regardless of the size of the video or player.”

YouTube provides a full list of recommended bitrates for YouTube uploads here, and a full list of supported file formats here.

Creating engaging content tips here: https://blog.hootsuite.com/4-key-ingredients-of-a-perfect-social-video/

Alternatively we can upload mp4 files to the Culture Liverpool website

SoundCloud Specs: