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FACT: Geek Girl Academy

Girl Geek Academy, sponsored by Co-op is an eight week programme (27 September – 5 November), where fifteen girls between the ages of 11 and 16 will be given the tools to immerse themselves into the technology sector.

Building a website using code will be the main project, but the programme will also focus on hot topics such as female role models and confidence building.


Liverpool Girl Geeks are on a mission to decrease the gender imbalance within the tech industry. They’re doing this by hosting a series of events and workshops to inspire women and girls of all ages, as well as celebrate and showcase female role models within the sector. Liverpool Girl Geeks come in all shapes and sizes, from makers to coders, marketers to gamers.

Globally, 15% of male professionals say as children they pictured themselves as a prime minister or president compared to only 7.9% girls. Currently, in Year 9 at secondary school, twice as many boys as girls are doing ICT and computing subjects. Liverpool Girl Geeks have been working with girls to build confidence and raise awareness of roles within the industry so that these numbers start to balance. Having worked with girls aged 11-16 years at Girl Geek Boot Camp this year, Liverpool Girl Geeks are already able to see a distinct change in attitudes towards having a career within the sector within the group.

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