Extreme Views Digital Artist-in-Residence, Art Gene

Extreme Views Digital Artist-in-Residence, Art Gene

The artist/collective is to collaborate with the Extreme Views artist-in-residence. The artist will be tasked with interacting with the Extreme Views Towers and ‘think tank’ process. Working digitally with film they could create a series of digital interventions, within or about the Towers and Think Tank.

As part of the events and think tank they will also produce a video hosted on the Art Gene website and social media platforms; produce a lectures and charrette film for the website, live streamed on the web during the lectures using the ‘Periscope’ app, or similar.

The artist will also produce a video/ digital artwork developed or influenced by this process/place for the Extreme Views exhibition, or show extracts of the other film work as appropriate in the Art Gene gallery in Barrow and partner gallery Boone’s Chapel exhibition in London as well as online on the Art Gene website in 2019.  Download the brief www.art-gene.co.uk.

The Fee for this project is

  • 4 weeks over Aug & Sept & Oct 2018 =£3000
  • Accommodation and travel = £1000
  • Materials = £500