Exhibition/Commission Opportunity for Creative Europe Project, Follow the vikings

Deadline: Tuesday 1 March 2016.

Artist Exhibition/Commission Opportunity for a Creative Europe Project – Follow the vikings

Ideas relating to Vikings and Viking Culture are the catalyst for the proposals, both in a literal and abstract sense.

Application Deadline: 01.03.2016
Deadline for work: 30.06.2016
Fee – Commissions will be offered for between 1,000-4,000 Euro depending on the scale and ambition of the proposed project.

This project presents an opportunity for artistic development to be realised through a high quality international touring event.

The Artistic Director of ‘Follow the Vikings’ is seeking expressions of interest from artists or creative groups to be considered for involvement in the project. The Viking Roadshow is a 4-year long Creative Europe project, which will tour 13 key locations in the Viking world. These locations include sites and cities in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, France, England, Poland, Shetland, Spain and Ireland. The Artistic Director is looking for artists who can make a positive contribution to this project. All art forms will be considered including:

Multi-media/digital content

Contemporary art
There will be an emphasis on Digital Media, Projection Mapping, Moving Image (both live and animated), 3D animation and emerging technology and also mobile applications. All proposals will be given equal consideration. Proof of the applicant’s ability to deliver on schedule and budget will need to be provided along with the artist’s or creative group’s CV and examples of work will be required as outlined below.We are particularly interested in developing work from artists that are resident in the countries where the roadshow will tour, although artists from all regions will be fully considered. In order to maximise the impact of the project we are looking for artists that have the ability to develop match-funding opportunities with the Arts Development Agency of the region that they are based within. We believe that match funding will allow artists to aim for a higher level of artistic ambition and develop a higher level of artistic practice as a result.

The Draft Schedule for the Events are as follows

2016 – Avaldsnes, Norway, Midgard/Borre, Norway, Gunnes gård, Sweden & Copenhagen, Denmark.

2017 – Ireland (actual destination to be agreed), Shetland, UK, Poland & Ornavik, France.

2018 – Galicia/Catoira/Santiago de Compostela, Spain, Lofotr & Harstad, Norway, Iceland (actual destination to be agreed) & York.

2019 – Crossroads of Europe/Brussels Event

The actual location of the Events will either take place at significant historical locations linked to the Vikings or Urban locations linked to historic Viking sites.

Please visit https://ftvprojectoverview.wordpress.com for full application details.