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Are you an ex–employee or have you ever worked at the ex Pilkington HQ / St Helens?

Photography: Kevin Casey (Lens Based Media)

As part of an on going documentary project of the ex Pilkington HQ  

Photographer/Film maker Kevin Casey, Graphic Designer Matt Lewis and Writer Laura Robertson would like to hear from you.

Are you an ex–employee or have you ever worked at the ex Pilkington HQ / St Helens? If so, we are inviting you to take part in the project by sharing your stories of the time you spent on–site and, to be included in the exhibition and accompanying printed publication, having your portrait taken.

We have a fully–booked session happening on Saturday13th May, but due to demand we are planning another at the earliest opportunity. Ex–employees who are invited down will join the photographer for a cup of tea, some refreshments, a mini–tour of their old works area, a few photos and some shared stories.

Below is an excerpt from a recent conversation with an ex–employee (his portrait can be seen at the top of this article):

“I was an apprentice at the Engineering Training Centre from 31st August 1976 to July 1977. There were about 24 of us, just out of school doing our 1st year of our apprenticeships. We all though we  were grown up and knew everything.

The building was on Carriage Drive (the big black building that use to have the clock on the side)

Some of the things I remember:

We were in groups of 8 and each week we had to  take it in turns to empty the bins after the last break each day. We had to take them on a trolley  up a ramp and into the main Ravenhead/Fibreglass plant. The instructors said that when coming back we must not jump on the trolley and “freewheel” down the ramp. That was just a daft thing to say. It was an invite to do it. One day some of the lads did it and just as they got to the bottom to turn into the door of the training centre one of the instructors was coming out and how on earth he was not flattened I do not know.”

Here is a link to a recently published article with some more information about the project

If you are at all interested in becoming part of it, please contact for a no–obligation chat.

Photography: Kevin Casey (Lens Based Media