Ellesmere Sculpture Initiative (ESI) – Sculpture commission

Ellesmere Sculpture Initiative
Sculpture commission

Ellesmere Sculpture Initiative (ESI) would like to commission an artist to create a lasting contemporary interactive installation to commemorate the work and achievements of Eglantyn Jebb, founder of Save the Children Fund. Eglantyne is an unsung heroine from Shropshire who was born in Ellesmere and the Jebb family still live here. The aims include:

  • Creating an interactive work/s in response to, and inspired by, research undertaken by the local community into the work of ‘The Save the Children Fund’.
  • Developing an imaginative design concept which captures something of Eglantyne Jebb’s response to World War 1 in focussing on the plight of displaced children.
  • Designing and creating a 3-dimensional piece that will engage + inform the local community and visitors of this lasting legacy.

Value of Commission: £8,000

The artist’s piece should be a response to imagery/writings produced by children affected by conflict, and the subsequent responses of local people including children. We also look for strong responses from the artist to the subject matter. We therefore recognise that the work may develop and depart into other quite new interpretations of the subject by the artist. The work should be robust enough to last 100 years.

To request a copy of the artists’ brief, please email: lentrudi@gmail.com

Find out more about the Sculpture Trail here: www.ellesmeresculpture.co.uk


DEADLINE: 4 March 2019