Design the Alumni Awards – University of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool has launched its first awards to celebrate the success and achievements of alumni across the world. In autumn 2019, we will celebrate 20 Liverpool alumni, including 10 recent graduates, at an awards ceremony at the University of Liverpool.

We are looking for an artist or a studio to design the awards. We will need 20 identical awards that can be personalised with the name of the winner and their graduation details; the awards will also need to display “2019 Alumni Awards Winner” and the logo of the university. The dimensions cannot exceed 25cm x 25cm x 25cm and the awards cannot be shorter than 20cm. We ask for the designs to be tasteful, as we want the winners to be able to proudly display their award, and appropriate for both recent and older graduates. They need to be light enough to be easily carried and be able to stand, so that they can be displayed. Additionally, we would ideally like for it to have a local connection – for instance, through the materials, the design itself, etc. We are flexible in terms of the design and materials, and welcome creative proposals. The production of the awards can be independently managed by the artist or studio, but there is also the potential to produce it within the university with some materials (for instance, 3D printing).

The successful artist or studio will be responsible for producing the awards and delivering them by Monday 4th November. The university will cover the costs of materials, production, and artist fees up to £1500.

The deadline for the submission of the designs is Friday 6th September.

Please send all queries and submissions to