Curatorial Open Call: INTERSECTIONS – Bankley Gallery, Manchester

Bankley Gallery, Manchester
Curatorial Open Call: INTERSECTIONS

As part of Bankley Gallery’s 2020-21 programme we are producing a new series – INTERSECTIONS – consisting of five exhibitions. Each will be developed by Will Marshall, and a selected co-curator.

The general model will be consistent for each of the exhibitions, but with space to develop and expand. For each exhibition, an initial artwork will be selected to act as the inspiration for the show. 3-4 artists will be chosen, and will be invited to develop new work in reaction to the initial artwork, taking elements or concepts from it that interest them, and using this to produce entirely new, independent artwork/s. From this process, we will build an exhibition.

Outside of this general model, we believe there is scope to make each show unique, and so we are looking for a different co-curator for each one. We want to work with people interested in collaborative practice, enjoy working closely with artists, and are keen to bring some of their own ideas. Applicants do not need experience in curating.

There will be a fee of £500 offered for each of the selected co-curators.

To find out more and to apply, visit:

**DEADLINE: 22 December 2019