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Culture Action Llandudno – Tre Cwn Celf


DEADLINE: 15th March 2019

The Tre Cwm Housing Estate in Llandudno is encompassed by a wall (140m long by 2m high tbc) clearly segregating the community living there from the surrounding town. We propose to develop artworks with the community which transforms this boundary, addressing issues of exclusion, division and social isolation that it perpetuates. We want to commission an Artist and a Creative Producer to work with the community at Tre Cwm to co-author this artwork in a way that empowers them.
Working with key arts and housing sector partners, our project will test ideas around artist-led regeneration and community-led place planning, promoting active citizenship and social pride and increasing participation in the arts.

The commissioned Artist and Creative Producer will work with the residents, who will be involved with the research and development of the project, the design and the creation of the outcome, as well as its installation and evaluation.
The project activities, workshops, events and interventions instigated by the commissioned artist(s), supported by the creative producer will foster a safe, exciting and stimulating environment for residents of the Estate to interact with each other. They will provide the means to build relationships between residents, the commissioned artist/producer and our cross-sector Arts and Housing partners. We want to engage the broadest possible remit of the community including young disadvantaged people, individuals with learning and physical disabilities and older residents.

With this project we want to test the following questions:

· Will having a proposed artistic legacy at the start, influence the engagement process, “who” as well as “how” we engage?

· Will developing a community-specific engagement process as well as a large-scale long-term artistic installation change the short, medium and long-term impact of the project?

· Will this co-authored artistic metamorphosis of the boundary wall, confound preconceived ideas and the negative perceptions the wider community has about the Estate’s residents?

· How will the project increase access, skills, confidence, self-belief and motivation of participants?

· Will the resulting artwork generate local pride and encourage positive behaviours and lead to further participation?

The answers to these questions will give us insights into whether and how a community, artists and landlords co-authoring a space is a feasible approach in North Wales with a view to advocating for their further development in this region.

We hope to find out how collaboratively working with artists will potentially:
❏ Give participants transferable skills useful for personal development, employability and social development and well-being
❏ Improve community cohesion through engagement and the collective development of a visible element of environment.
❏ Combat social isolation through participation in a variety of interactions/activities/debates
❏ Address issues of vandalism and lack of civic pride
❏ Improve residents’ relationships with each other and with our housing and arts sector partners
❏ Build evidence about what works, so that we can improve our practice and achieve greater impact with our work
❏ Uncover alternative models of engagement relevant to this community
❏ Enable us to share our findings with our arts and housing sector partners

This is a two year residency project

supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, in partnership with Cartrefi Conwy (, North Wales Housing (, Ty Llywelyn Community Centre, and MOSTYN gallery (

If you are interested in applying please download the full application here:

PDF ENGLISH APPLICATION Open Call for Artists 14.02.19 ENGLISH
PDF FFURFLEN GAIS CYMRAEG Open Call for Artists 14.02.19 WELSH

PDF ENGLISH APPLICATION Open Call for Creative Producers English 14.02.19
PDF FFURFLEN GAIS CYMRAEG Open Call for Creative Producers 14.02.19 WELSH