Critically Creative. Emergency Services Arts, With Art in Mind

An NHS critical care nurse from Liverpool aims to raise money for the mental health charity Mind and the Red Cross.

Many people are affected by stress at some time and health issues such as depression go under reported as there is often stigma attached. Those who work in the emergency service sector are a high risk group.

Nurses, Doctors, Firemen, Police deal with harrowing situations daily.
Additionally, the people attended to and their families are also put under pressure.

Post traumatic stress / anxiety affects more in society than we think.
The recent terror attacks and the Grenfell fire are an example of how the emergency services and all those affected continue to deal with the fall out long after the event.

Emergency service colleagues and friends are invited to show their arty side and share their art in a virtual art gallery face book group.

In Spring 2018, there will be an exhibition of the member’s art in Liverpool (participation optional) and a sale in aid of the Red Cross and mental health charity Mind. It is hoped that a quality gallery would support this.

Join the group, and find out more at

Critically Creative. Emergency Services Arts: