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Crewe Town Centre Arts Development and Trail Project, Crewe Town Council

Crewe Town Council is looking to work with an innovative, creative person or organisation that will support the development of arts and culture in Crewe through nurturing the cultural community to grow. They will break down the barriers to accessing and delivering arts and culture whilst championing best practices.

One of the key deliverables will be a “Crewe Art Trail” that is developed with community influence and that is reflective of Crewe’s heritage and culture.

This project is funded by the UK government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF).

Time scale: Funding is available from January 2024 until March 2025

Delivery must be completed by the end of February 2025

Completion report by the end of March 2025

Subject to additional external funding being secured, the opportunity may progress beyond the current available funding.

To find out more visit: – Crewe Town Centre Arts Development and Trail – Contracts Finder

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Job Requirements

The role will enable arts and culture in Crewe to thrive by building networks of creatives, nurturing arts initiatives in the town and developing skills and knowledge that will enable sustainable, quality cultural delivery that will contribute to the strategic goals of Crewe Town Council.

We are looking for an arts professional or organisation with a background in place-based programming and community engagement that is able to let their creativity shine through while taking a strategic approach.

Through active listening you will gain the trust of the community whilst developing the project in a responsive way that is audience driven and representative of seldom-heard communities and under-represented groups. You will have the capability to build and manage partnerships with a varied range of stakeholders.

The role requires the ability to share knowledge and experience of practical creative skills. Local knowledge would be beneficial due to the tight timeline of the project but isn’

Job Responsibilities

  • Develop, coordinate and manage an arts development project that grows the creative capacity in Crewe.
  • Produce an arts trail made up of permanent and semipermanent installations and exhibitions that is influenced and representative of Crewe’s community, culture and heritage.
  • Nurture and build on existing initiatives
  • Build relationships and networks of creatives from a range of strategic and voluntary organisations.
  • Champion the fostering of best practices in arts and cultural delivery including the development of toolkits and resources that will enable sustainable delivery during and after the project finishes.
  • Use the arts trail to develop skills, knowledge and experience of arts and culture in Crewe.
  • Champion the importance of arts and culture and the benefits it can have on community, health and wellbeing, education, the environment and economic development both to the community and strategic partners.
  • Monitor, evaluate and report on project delivery and budgets.

How to apply

To find out more visit: – Crewe Town Centre Arts Development and Trail – Contracts Finder