CreArt Three Cities – Call for Entires

Liverpool Call for Entries – please pass to Liverpool based or born – visual artists who’d be interested in this – they have to get submissions in for Dec 13th. Final decision lies with the curator.

It’s CREART Three Cities exhibition time again – successful artists from the 12 cities have their work exhibited three cities in Portugal, Italy and North Macedonia– and there will be an expenses paid invite to visit for one of the private views in those cities.   And there’s some money for participation too .

  • Aveiro // Middle May – 28 June // Venue to be confirmed
  • Genoa // 13 July- 25 August // Exhibition room  Il Munizioniere inside Palazzo Ducale
  • Skopje //25  September – 30 October // Public Institution Museum of the City of Skopje.

Conditions of participation:

  • Artists should be born or resident in Liverpool and should have not participated in previous editions of the European Exhibition.
  • The curator this year has highlighted the possibility that artists can participate also as a collective or as a structure (like independent art spaces / artists-run initiatives…)
  • Artists should send a complete 1) Portfolio with previous works,  2) specify the work that can fit in the show 3)  or a proposal for a new work inspired by the theme.
  • Selected artists by the curator will receive a minimum fee of 500 € for participation
  • Artists as a general rule will be present in one opening. Organization will cover trip expenses for two days. (There will be exceptions in case of site-specific installations and after the approval by curator and organization)
  • Organization will cover shipments of works, insurance, installation and equipment, publicity…

If you are interested in participating please send the following:

  1. Artists CV

2. Portfolio including images of work

3. Statement outlining relevance of artwork to the theme ‘What would happen if? The choice to build an alternative future’ – attached

These should be sent via to by December 13th 2019.