Convenience Gallery Market Residency

Duration: August 6th – August 31st 2019
Deadline: July 15th Midnight 2019

Project Outline

We are inviting creatives to respond to the market place. With the opportunity to work in our gallery and exhibit during the working hours of the Market (This is 9am till 5pm Monday – Saturday).

We would expect you to be present throughout the time the residency is on with a schedule to be discussed to fit around any jobs you may already have. We expect to have a meeting with all the artists during the first week on a day best suited to all successful applicants. During this time you will have access to our Gallery space as Studio Hot desk, and as the month progresses this residency may take the form of an exhibition.

The process should benefit you and we hope during the time of the residency your work will develop and can become part of an exhibition based on your time at the market. Throughout the residency you can take part in and lead workshops, crits & talks. (This will be discussed with successful applicants – you will also be able to begin your response sooner should you be selected).

We would expect the artists chosen to create new work during this time in response to Birkenhead market. This may be, photography, sculpture, painting, illustration, music, poetry, ceramics, textiles, performance or any other medium. Most importantly the month should benefit you and your practice.


After the residency and in house exhibition we want to find a new location for this work to be exhibited. Taking the work out of the market and presenting it to new audiences.

We would encourage that artists are either local or available to work in the space for a good amount of time during the project. We hope this opportunity, gives the chosen artist the chance to engage with the local community and establish a creative network. We also want this to benefit the market. We are aiming this brief towards new career creatives, however please don’t hesitate to apply especially if local. As we think this is something the wider community could be involved with.

We are open to application from people of all background and abilities and if you have any further questions regarding the project please do not hesitate to get in touch at

This project is currently unfunded – but we are working to try and get a budget for this.
We will be in touch as soon as possible if you are someone we think could benefit from this project and contribute to it well.

Application and the residency is Free.
We will not be paying a fee to artists, but as stated we are looking for a budget to fund the project – cost of materials and exhibiting.

To apply follow our google doc and submit.

Information about us can be found @conveniencesse on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.
More Information about the market can be found here