Connected Communities Innovation Fund

Connected Communities Innovation Fund (England)

A new £4 million fund has been launched to encourage more people to volunteer alongside public services, and inspire new ways of giving for those who haven’t previously volunteered. The fund has a specific focus on helping those aged 50 and over, those who want to give time infrequently rather than routinely, and those who want to give their time and skills from the comfort of their own home to good causes. The Connected Communities Innovation Fund has identified four priority areas it wants to support, these are:

  • Bringing communities closer to create shared resources and support one and other
  • Supporting community resilience in emergencies
  • Improving the environment
  • Creating new forms of digital social action.

Approximately 15-20 organisations or partnerships will supported through this funding round. To apply, organisations need to submit an expression of interest be midday on the 30th October 2017. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend and applicants workshop. Read more at: