Comics Youth – Call for submissions

Comics Youth are taking submissions for an isolation zine that will be exploring the themes of isolation and unpicking the meaning of it and how it feels through art, comics, prose and poetry. Comics Youth will be selling the finished zines as a way to generate income for our organisation as well as bring the topic of isolation to the forefront.

We chose to explore this theme of Isolation as we work with lots of young people who deal with the feeling of being separate from their friends and communities, we want to raise awareness of how isolation can effect people profoundly, as well as provide some tools to cope and a common voice to relate to for those who read the zine.

All submissions must be at least 300dpi and ready for an A5 format.

The zine will be printed in full colour so colour submissions are welcome!

All submissions must be suitable for a younger audience so we will not accept mature content. The Deadline for submissions is November 26th.

All successful contributors will receive a copy of the finished zine themselves.


Submissions to be sent to: