Calling all artists – The walls of St Johns Market need you

Calling all artists – The walls of St Johns Market need you

We are offering an amazing opportunity to artists to paint large ambitious public murals in St Johns indoor market

Subject: Creative opportunity- Public art design opportunity for St Johns Market open to artists   working together or singly and is specially suited to groups of ” A” level / foundation / degree  students

Artist Brief – public art design St Johns Market, Liverpool

St Johns Market would like to run an annual competition for North West artists to paint large ambitious public murals for St Johns Market in Liverpool city centre.

As we have various potential sites, we anticipate that we will run competitions annually for an initial period of five years.

A sum of £500.00 has been allocated for each of the two murals to cover the costs of materials used and expenses incurred. Artists will be reimbursed on production of receipts.

Mural Sizes:


Site 1 L 7.5 metres x H 3.1 metres

Site 2 L 7.5 metres x H 3.1 metres

Time Frames

Seek Interest from Artists:                                          commences 8 May 2017 for 6 weeks

Receive and hang proposed sketched:                   commences 19 June 2017 for 2 weeks

Public to view and vote for artwork                         commences 3 July 2017 for 2 weeks

Final Judging by Local Dignitary                                  carried out on 17 July 2017

Painting of Murals                                                       commence 24 July 2017 & continue till completion

Artistic vision

We would like the artists work to celebrate Liverpool Life, both past and Present for this permanent public art.

How to apply

Send your expression of interest including:

  • Provide a sketch of the Mural (of a quality that can be displayed publicly) of what you would propose to paint as these will be displayed for the general public to view to enable them to vote for their favorites artwork
  •   Confirmation that you are available to do the work in the timescales set out in the brief.


Deadline for Applications:

Please Send / bring your applications to Market Management by 16.00 hrs on 16 June 2017 at St Johns Market, Elliott Street Liverpool L1 1LR