Calling all artists, writers and performers: The Non-Essential Showcase

Calling all artists, writers and performers: The Non-Essential Showcase

Hi there!

My name is Patrick McGrath, and for my university project I am putting together an Instagram page called ‘The Non-Essential Showcase’, where I’m looking for volunteers who work in the arts sector to show off some of their work.

In light of the government’s Cyber First campaign, which undermined the importance of the arts, as well as the unprecedented lockdown, creative people have had to find new ways to make their voices heard. ‘The Non-Essential Showcase’ is a direct response to these events, aiming to remind the world that the arts are still here, and they are as valid as any other sector of work. I am looking for anybody who wants to volunteer their creative work, whether that be poetry, writing, artwork or even a video performance. Work will then be presented on the Instagram page in a collage style, where every image connects to one another. All work will be fully credited, and artists’ social media handles will be tagged. Volunteers will also be asked to give a mini interview, focusing on one question in particular: ‘What do the arts mean to you?’. Answers will be posted in the Image description next to their work.

I am currently accepting volunteers from now until May 4th (the due date of my project). However, I plan on continuing this project after I have handed in my final assignment. Hence, any volunteers after this date are also welcome.

If you would like to get in touch, please contact me via the email . I look forward to hearing from you.

Deadline: May 4th 2021